As bookmaker offices calculate ""vilochnik"

As bookmaker offices calculate ""vilochnik"

Among inexperienced stavochnik there is the opinion that on so-called "forks" it is possible to grow rich really. But if to look at various forums and publics about rates, then more often than "forks", fight against "vilochnik" is discussed there. To understand whether really bookmakers struggle with them, it is necessary to understand, the strategy of forks is how effective.

What is "forks"?

The answer to this question is in the name, the strategy of rates on "forks" means the branching. One rate has to block the second rate so that anyway there was the prize. To play on "fork", it is necessary to find the event with two outcomes, and at the same time coefficients have to be higher than 2. Otherwise fork strategy will be unprofitable.

Also there are more difficult, threefold and even fourfold forks, but for them higher coefficients are required, and it means that it is even more difficult to catch them. Here it is worth noticing that similar "forks" meet extremely seldom, bookmakers competently build the line, without giving the special chance of the absolute prize.

Earlier often it was possible to come across "suspicious" coefficients, but it happened as a rule because of the program error. On such vulnerabilities of software of bookmakers "vilochnik" also played. Bookmakers don't stand on the place and constantly improve algorithms of calculation of coefficients. Today it is almost impossible to meet such mistake.

Also under the concept "fork" double rates on one event get. At the rate at the beginning of the match on "totat more" and to the kefa 2.5, it is possible to take on the course "totat less" with kefy from  2 and more. Similar rates aren't considered as vulnerability or foul.

Fight against "vilochnik"

About 5-10 years ago mistakes and in the line of coefficients were widespread in software everywhere. Especially cunning fans of rates also used it. But for their identification it was necessary to spend huge amount of time and forces. Constant viewing the line and the analysis at the exit gave quite modest increase.

  On "forks" profit averaged about 2-3%. It was simply unprofitable to be engaged in similar things with the small capital, it is simpler to analyze attentively the line and to make the single rate, than to constantly catch similar "forks". With  the big capital it is very easy to monitor similar operations and the risk is high that the account will be banned.

So was earlier. There are almost no mistakes in the line today, and so it is almost impossible to catch "the correct fork". Forks which arise on the match course aren't the fouling of rates, and  in fact, the clients seizing "opportunity" aren't exposed to serious sanctions.

 Nevertheless there is the mass of rumors and myths that successful players are exposed to various sanctions from bookmaker offices. One of widespread is "cutting of maxima". Simple words if the maximum allowed rate is 500 thousand or more, then for the "cut" scores it can be 5-20 thousand. Actually modern bookmakers play fair, and it is very favorable to them without any fraudulent receptions. "Cutting" is carried out for the fouling by the client, but not for the sake of his deception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team