As doping control is carried out

As doping control is carried out

Olympic Games of 2012 special. Total doping control is carried out not only before competitions, but also during their carrying out and also after the end of competitions. And random inspection of the athletes participating in the London Olympic Games was done even prior to its carrying out. Such strict measures are directed to setting the reliable pick to use of the special medicines which are repeatedly increasing force and endurance of athletes.

Under the leadership of the head of the International Olympic Committee the total doping control will help to exclude cases of the victory of athletes which received, receive or plan to receive the special pharmaceutical means of the directed action promoting increase in endurance and force.

The order of carrying out doping control remains invariable. The athlete is asked to come for testing. He has to be within several hours, come into specially equipped room, choose two containers for delivery of the analysis, check vessels for lack of foreign inclusions.

Direct delivery of the analysis is carried out in the presence of the medical employee. At the procedure there can be official representatives of the athlete and the coach. After collecting material on the analysis on capacity paste number and divide contents into two parts. The first and second test is sealed up. Control is carried out in the presence of the special code applied on capacity. The surname of the athlete isn't mentioned anywhere. Within three days to the athlete and his representatives disclose result. If in the first test of the test which was made in laboratory traces of banned drugs are found, subject to the research the second test. Can disqualify the athlete and discharge of further competitions only if results of the first test are confirmed to the second. If in the second test of traces of availability of banned drugs it isn't revealed, don't apply any sanctions to the athlete, but can carry out doping control repeatedly at any time. Now it is almost impossible to deceive doping control. Radioimunny, masspektrometrichesky, chromatographic and immunoenzymatic methods allow to define all medicines which are available in urine or the athlete's blood with the highest accuracy. But sometimes doping control yields doubtful results. If at the person since the birth the hemoglobin level is increased, it can be removed from start and send to be checked for erythropoietin. Besides, the physicians who are carrying out doping control had the new problem. By means of gene therapy the athletes can receive the gene coding erythropoietin. It will lead to the fact that the athlete will have good results, being under doping, and won't be to prove fraud of the opportunity.

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