As for short term to pump up the press

As for short term to pump up the press

Dream to pump up the press and to find the beautiful stomach many women. The special set of exercises will help to receive excellent result at short notice.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells (disk);
  • - horizontal bar;
  • - bench.


1. Performance of twisting will provide excellent load of the top area of the stomach. It is one of general exercises. Both experienced athletes, and beginners can include it in the complex of trainings. The optimum number of repetitions in 3-4 approaches till 10-20 times. For performance of exercise lay down on the floor. Bend legs in knees. Rest feet against the floor. Hands arrange behind the head. Taking the deep breath, as much as possible strain the press and nestle the waist on the floor surface. You hold shoulders and the head above. Round the back, having lifted the case of the body. Record this situation within 10-12 seconds. Accurately return to initial situation, doing the exhalation. To increase loading, straighten hands, and extend back. Also when performing this exercise it is possible to use burdening (disks, dumbbells).

2. Also raising of knees in the hang belongs to general exercises on the press. Similar loading tightens the lower part of the press and develops force. Optimum number of repetitions – 10-20, approaches 3-4. Hang on the horizontal bar or the horizontal bar. If you possess the weak grip, use special gymnastic straps or hooks. Hands have to be completely straightened. Bend the waist a little back. From this situation gradually raise knees as it is possible above, bending legs. In the final point be recorded within 5-7 seconds. Slowly return to initial situation. Repeat the movement after the short pause. Pay attention, when performing exercise of the leg it is necessary to lift as it is possible above as the lower part of the press begins to be reduced effectively from the corner in 30-45 degrees. In the first phase the loading is the share of muscles sgibatel of hips.

3. The forming exercise on the press – twisting on the bench-headed down. It allows to show the accurate relief of muscle bulk and to strengthen the top part of the press. This exercise is recommended to people with average preparation. Optimum number of repetitions – 10-20, in 3-4 approaches. For exercise performance the bench establish at an angle 30-45 degrees. Lay down on it the head down. Cross hands at the level of the breast. Execute the breath and, having held the breath, begin to twist the case of the body. At the same time in the strict sequence raise the head, shoulders, the back from the bench. It is necessary to carry out twisting, but not rises. At the moment when between hips and the case there is the right angle, stop. In this situation as much as possible strain the press and execute the exhalation. Accurately return to the home position.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team