As in the week to remove fat from hips

As in the week to remove fat from hips

The top part of the hip – most "whimsical". Exactly here the excess fat making legs similar to chicken quarters strives to gather. It is possible to try to remove fat from hips in the week, having applied the integrated approach.

Harmonious hips demand restriction of some products, application of certain exercise stresses and additional cosmetic procedures. Only if to strike all fronts, it is possible to remove fat from hips in the week.

Rule first: to change the diet

The diet for harmonious hips means not so much restrictions, how many change of style of food. The fast food, semi-finished products, products containing preservatives, dyes, artificial flavoring additives is completely forbidden. Let there not so there is already a lot of calories, but these chemicals break the metabolism that leads to cellulitis.

Those who dreams to remove fat from hips should forget for the long time about potatoes in any kind, white loaf, pasta even from firm grades of wheat. It is permissible to use only products with the high content of cellulose – wholegrain small loafs or cereal additives. Also the diet for harmonious hips means the use of the large number of fresh vegetables. Crude vegetables, but not stewed ragouts or salads. In other words, the rawism will help to remove fat from lyashka. And how proteins? Without them anywhere. But it is better to refuse meat in favor of low-fat fish, the bird and fermented milk products. Similar food and exercises for hips will help to come to the form gradually.

Rule second: it is more than movement

Usual swings will help to remove fat from hips. It is necessary to rise only on all fours, having leaned against forearms and knees, to take away one straight leg back, not to bend the waist. Then, straining muscles of the back surface of the hip, to reject the leg as it is possible above. Then to repeat movements, but already sideways. Smooth exercises for hips are also very effective. It is necessary to lay down on the floor, having pressed the waist to the floor, and to place hands under the head or to arrange perpendicular to the trunk. Legs in ankles to clamp the small ball, with a diameter of 30-50 cm. Now serially to touch by legs of the floor at the left, on the right, without tearing off the waist from the surface. Besides, it is possible just to go on buttocks back and forth. At the same time to hold the back directly, knees not to bend and not to help themselves hands. During performance of exercise it is necessary to strain hips, but not calves. Squats are very useful to hips. For the best effect they should be carried out with weighting – dumbbells or the post. It is also very effective to squat near the wall. It is necessary to rise so that the nape, shovels and the waist didn't come off the vertical surface.

Rule third: to soften fat outside

Wrappings very well help with fight for harmonious hips. These procedures improve appearance of skin and also remove slags and toxins. It is the simplest to use honey. It is necessary to add 5 drops of any essential oil to the kindled product (2 dessertspoons). To evenly distribute mix on skin of lyashka, to wrap up with food wrap and to lie down under the blanket the couple of hours. Honey can be replaced with the coffee thick, blue clay, seaweed or mustard. Those who will choose the last ingredient need to listen to the feelings during the session. If strongly burns down, it is worth interrupting the procedure and to wash away mix. Of course, completely it is impossible to remove fat from hips in the week. During this time it is possible to see the first results which will serve as further motivation. In total, not less than two months are required to achieve the tightened and harmonious hips. The main thing is not to depart from the drawn-up plan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team