As it is correct to begin to skate

As it is correct to begin to skate

Inspired by results of our athletes, and still the known television shows, many wanted to come to ice. How it is correct and to begin to skate with pleasure? What skates to buy how to dress them that it was more convenient to ride? Elements of figure skating

Master easier figure skating of the girl and woman because they more inquisitive and more men seek to master something new. Also women want quicker to learn to keep beautifully on ice to look more attractive and cause admiration. We choose skates

The main - boots have to be stiff, and edges correctly are fastened to them. It isn't less important to lace up skates correctly: hardly - the lower part of the boot, then beginning to make simple knot, further, from triggers (that is from the beginning of raising of foot), - more free lacing. Then, on the one hand, the leg will well keep, and with another - the ankle will be free not to hold down the movement.

With what to begin to the beginner? First of all it is necessary to learn to go on ice. Walking by "fir-tree" - the beginning of the beginnings. Heels together, socks apart, also we go, highly raising knees. Hands can be extended forward. From "fir-tree" both children, and adults begin to study elements of figure skating. And it is already possible to master such exercises as "small lamps", "serpents", "sledges", "scooter", sliding, braking, etc. further. What to pay attention to that on ice to look graceful? The main thing is to watch the bearing. Knees shouldn't be strained, the back equal, the chin is raised, hands are extended in the parties. To figure skating has to be trained only in the form of group or individual occupations, but not by hands and not in couples at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team