As it is correct to breathe at push-ups from a floor

As it is correct to breathe at push-ups from a floor

At any physical activity an important point is observance of the respiratory equipment, the correct breath not only increases endurance, but also prevents possible negative consequences at the increased intensity of trainings. As it is necessary to breathe during performance of push-ups from a floor, it will be considered below.

Actions of push-ups on a body

Push-ups from a horizontal surface are considered as general classical power exercise which advantage it is difficult to overestimate:

  • the metabolism accelerates;

Whether you know? The uniqueness of push-ups from a floor is that, unlike other exercises, they combine dynamic and static load on a body.

  • all groups of muscles are loaded;
  • it is possible to train not only in the hall, but also at home;
  • the endurance of an organism increases;
  • the cardiac muscle trains;
  • helps to burn fat deposits effectively.

The correct breath at push-ups from a floor

Technology of breath at any kinds of physical activity submits to one important principle: the breath is carried out at the time of relaxation, and exhaled — at the time of maximum effort. Thus, this power equipment demands that the athlete took a breath when lowering a trunk down, and exhaled at rise.

Technically it has to look as follows:

  1. The slow deep breath is combined by a nose with bending of elbows. At this moment the thorax as much as possible extends, more air comes to lungs.
  2. By Ryvkovy effort of hands the case makes a start up, and at this moment the sharp and powerful exhalation through a mouth is made.

Important! When performing push-ups the breath and an exhalation have to coincide with movements and be made at the speed, comfortable for the athlete.

Such technology of breath is considered classical and provides high efficiency. During a breath pressure increases, the cardiovascular system is loaded, blood and muscles are saturated with oxygen.

The exhalation allows to reduce internal tension at the time of the greatest effort that reduces risk of an overload of vessels.

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Councils for effective trainings

That the training was effective and safe, it is important to know and put into practice some useful rules:

  • the breath is always made only by a nose. First, the nose filters the arriving air, doing not pass a lion's part of dust and dangerous bacteria; secondly, mucous a nose it is covered with a grid of small vessels, and it allows to provide at an entrance the fastest and full saturation of blood with oxygen;
  • at an exhalation it is important to concentrate as much as possible attention on feelings in muscles and technology of performance of exercise. Emission of air is made sharply due to reduction of a diaphragm;

It is important! If during push-ups from a floor there was short wind, it is necessary to stop, sit down and restore immediately breath, having made several deep and slow breaths a nose and full exhalations a mouth.

  • at push-ups it is necessary to control also process of set of air in lungs: the breath is made by stomach, that is is based on a muscle strain of an abdominal press and expansion of a thorax and edges;
  • breath during push-ups from a floor has to be measured and deep, not bringing feeling of short wind or pains in heart or a podreberye.

Widespread mistakes in the respiratory equipment

Watching athletes in gym, it is possible to notice that non-compliance with the technology of breath meets considerably more often than the wrong performance of exercises (though it significantly reduces efficiency of a training).

Learn as it is correct to carry out push-ups from a wall and also push-ups in a handstand upside down at a wall, Hindu and return push-ups.

There are main mistakes made not only by beginners, but also experienced athletes:

  • breath delay during approach. It cannot be done categorically, at the time of a delay of air there is an overload of vessels of a brain, arterial blood pressure sharply rises that can lead not only to consciousness loss, but also to more deplorable consequences (for example, to microinjuries or even a rupture of vessels);
  • too high intensity of movements. When the athlete hurries to finish quicker heavy exercise, he involuntarily accelerates also breath that, in turn, is fraught with dizziness and short wind;
  • change by places of a breath and exhalation. This mistake is characteristic of beginners. Owing to inexperience many lose the correct rhythm and take a breath at pushing out of a trunk up. It for a short time facilitates exercise, however it is necessary to get rid of such habit at once as it reduces efficiency and increases risk of an overload of an organism.

So, the correct technology of breath at push-ups from a floor was considered above. It is obvious that blood supply with oxygen is the integral component increasing efficiency of exercise.

Whether you know? Process of a zhiroszhiganiye happens more intensively at the correct respiratory equipment as at the same time the organism spends additional energy.

Besides, observance of elementary rules will allow to minimize risks of receiving various sports injuries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team