As it is correct to carry out Kegel's exercises to women

As it is correct to carry out Kegel's exercises to women

Regular physical activities simply allow to work and effectively all groups of muscles, beginning from a shoulder joint and finishing with buttocks.

However not many know that there is a special training called exercises of Kegel by means of whom it is possible to train muscular group of an intimate zone. What the gymnastic complex, to whom it suits and as to do it is, let's understand.

History of origin of gymnastics Kegelya

Kegel's gymnastics — the most known technique of physical exercises directed to tightening and a training of intimate muscles of a female and male body. It was developed by the gynecologist Arnold Kegel in 1948.

The author's technique was created by the doctor for the purpose of permission of many female gynecologic illnesses connected with age weakening of muscles of a pelvic bottom which, in turn, are responsible for support of a uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum.

In spite of the fact that initially the training intended only for women, was proved later that it suits also males.

Kegel's gymnastics allow to cope with many diseases, in particular, prostatitis, urine incontinence, hemorrhoids, incontinence the calla and also serves as prevention of these illnesses.

It will be useful for you to learn about a medical technique of Kegel at hemorrhoids.

Indications and contraindications

Initially Kegel's gymnastics was created for the solution of problems with incontinence of urine at women. However gradually the range of its medical actions extended and allowed to solve a set of the problems connected with gynecology. Today it is regular it is recommended to carry out charging:

  • for prevention and therapy of incontinence of urine;
  • when lowering a uterus and bodies of a small pelvis;
  • as preventive measures at inflammations of bodies of a small pelvis;
  • for aging process delay;
  • for strengthening of muscles of a small pelvis before childbirth, in particular, for simplification of process of a rodorazresheniye;
  • for restoration of patrimonial ways and fabrics which underwent severe stretching in the course of a rodorazresheniye;
  • for improvement of quality of intimate life and receiving pleasure during intimate proximity;
  • for achievement of an orgasm;
  • for restoration of sexual desire and its strengthening.

Video: all about Kegel Osobennostyyu's exercises of gymnastics is the fact that it can be carried out in any place and at any time. It does not demand existence of sports equipment or special exercise machines.

Despite huge number of advantages, a set of exercises of Kegel possesses a number of contraindications. It is impossible to do gymnastics:

  • after an abortion or premature birth;
  • in the presence of any new growths, especially malignant character;
  • during the rehabilitation period after the undergone operations.

Important! To fix serious problems of gynecologic character by means of exclusively this technique it will not turn out. In similar cases it is necessary to ask for the help the professional.

How to find the necessary muscles

Before starting a training of intimate muscles by the Kegelya method, first of all, it is necessary to know where there are necessary muscles. For their definition it is possible to use two easy ways.

Way No. 1. To find muscles of a pelvic bottom, it is recommended:

  • to lay down on a back, to enter a forefinger into a vagina near a sidewall;
  • to squeeze muscles as it is possible stronger, at the same time to watch that the stomach did not strain;
  • tension which is created by the required muscular group has to be experienced by a finger.

Way No. 2. The similar method is based on the following actions:

  • during urination it is necessary to interrupt an urine stream;
  • it is necessary to record such pose for couple of seconds and during this period to experience muscles which are in tension. These are those muscles which it is necessary to train.

Important! It is impossible to practice often an urination delay as such actions break natural process of need.

Exercises across Kegel for women

Experts recommend to master in the conditions of the house Kegel's technique from the simplest exercises created especially for specific goals. Let's consider the description of each of trainings.

General exercises

General exercises of Kegel perfectly will suit all women, irrespective of their physical training. Generally the training is based on performance of slow and fast reductions of muscles of a pelvic bottom. An initial position of all complex — lying on a back:

  1. To slowly clamp muscles which are placed around a vagina and to record situation on 6–8 sec., further to relax on 10 sec. To make 5–15 times.
  2. To execute by a similar method of 10 tightenings at fast speed, to relax on 10 sec. To repeat 5–10 times.
  3. It is serially necessary to clamp muscles around a vagina and an anus. To make 10 times, 3–5 approaches.

It is recommended to do exercises daily, carrying out several approaches in day. The number of repetitions in day has to average 100–200 times, only in this case it will be possible to hope for fast positive result.

For pregnant women

To strengthen intimate muscles, to make them more elastic, to thereby facilitate process of a rodorazresheniye, to warn possible ruptures of fabrics during passing of the kid on patrimonial ways, experts advise to carry out such exercises:

  1. To make five slow compression in a position on one side. To repeat 10 times.
  2. Initial situation — lying on a back, hands along a trunk, legs are bent in knees and a little divorced on each side. It is necessary to squeeze muscles, imitating an urine delay, to be recorded on 5–10 sec., then to relax. To do 2–3 sets.

Important! Before performance of exercises by women in interesting situation it is necessary to consult to the attending physician surely.

  1. Initial position — lying on a back, hands along a trunk. It is necessary to clamp strongly intimate muscles on 2–3 sec., to weaken, then on 2–3 sec. strongly to strain an anus, to weaken. To repeat such wave of 5-6 times, to have a rest, then to make 3-4 more approaches.

Video: Kegel's exercises for pregnant women

After the delivery

Kegel's gymnastics after the delivery will allow to recover vagina muscles, to return them former elasticity, durability. Besides, the technique will become fine prevention of omission of a uterus, urethra, kidneys and intestines which risk of omission during this period the highest.

To begin to practice it is possible at once after the delivery if they passed in the natural way. After Cesarean section it is possible to carry out gymnastics only after permission of the doctor.

Learn in more detail about Kegel's exercises after the delivery.

So, to recover intimate muscles after the delivery, it is necessary to do the following complex:

  1. Initial position — lying on a back, hands on a stomach. On a breath it is recommended to inflate a stomach, at the same time to strain muscles, as at an urination delay. To record a position on 5 sec., on an exhalation completely to relax and lower a stomach. To do up to 10 approaches.
  2. Nominative — lying on a back, the legs bent in knees. Carrying out a breath through a nose, as much as possible to inflate a stomach. On an exhalation as much as possible to pull in stomach muscles, to clamp buttocks and a press. To relax all body. To make till 5-10 approaches.
  3. Nominative — lying on a back. To make serially fast and slow compression. Between approaches it is necessary to relax as much as possible and to breathe slowly on full a stomach.

At omission of a uterus

The effect at omission of a uterus of exercise of Kegel is given only at primary stages of a disease. In more serious cases the medical care is necessary.

Whether you know? Various exercise machines, for example, vaginal balls will help to make a training of vaginal muscles of more effective. Their main objective is in to dropping out of a vagina how exercises will be carried out. Also there are balls with programmable vibration which strengthen feelings.

The feature of a technique at this illness is that initially it is necessary to train anus muscles, and a little later to pass to vaginal. A starting position — lying on a back:

  1. It is necessary slowly, but rather strongly to squeeze an anus, to be late for 10 seconds, to relax. To make 10 approaches.
  2. To do the previous exercise it is similar, only quickly reducing muscles. To repeat up to 10 approaches.
  3. It is necessary to be extinguished with an average force in the direction down, imitating pushing out of some subject from a vagina. To repeat 10 times on 3–5 approaches.
  4. Serially at slow and fast speed to strain intimate muscles. To do 10 approaches.

It is important! If a month of trainings later the result is not visible, it is recommended to see behind consultation a doctor who will prompt as it is correct to do a complex. Most likely, when making gymnastics not those groups of muscles are involved.

At urine incontinence

Unfortunately, many women at advanced age face a problem of urine incontinence. Kegel's gymnastics will allow to cope easily and quickly enough with an illness, it was developed for its treatment by the American doctor. However it is very important to start trainings immediately, after detection of a problem.

Learn in more detail about Kegel's technique at urine incontinence.

The following complex is suitable for treatment and prevention of incontinence of urine:

  1. Elevator. It is necessary to present that the vagina is an elevator on which it is necessary to move ahead up-down. For a start it is necessary to clamp strongly muscles of first floor, to be recorded for several seconds and, increasing force, to rise smoothly by the second, and then by the third floors. In the top point it is necessary to relax slowly muscles and at the same speed to fall down. To do 3–5 rises.
  2. In a prone position on a back it is necessary to be extinguished in the direction down, as at childbirth. To repeat 10 times on 3–5 sets.
  3. It is necessary to clamp and relax muscles of a pelvic bottom of 30 times at fast speed. Then to squeeze a muscle, to be recorded on 20 sec., to relax. To repeat 5 times. To make 3–5 approaches.

Regularly carrying out gymnastics at incontinence of urine, the result can achieve pretty fast.

Whether you know? Today there are special schools which give classes in a vumbuilding — strengthening and a training of intimate muscles by means of exercise machines. The word vumbuilding and is deciphered — the vaginal operated muscles a building. Vladimir Muranivsky who is also a founder of this direction in the Russian Federation became the author of the first intimate exercise machine.

Useful recommendations

Kegel set of exercises for strengthening of intimate muscles does not take away a lot of time, is available both to women, and men and is very simple in realization. However, that he could render the maximum advantage, it is recommended to adhere to several simple recommendations:

  • to learn to feel muscles of a pelvic bottom, otherwise all training process will be useless;
  • to carry out gymnastics regularly, in day to make not less than 100 repetitions;
  • it is necessary to increase loading and the number of approaches gradually as muscles train;
  • if exercises are carried out too easily, then it is possible to increase number of repetitions. It is also necessary to check whether that group of muscles is involved in a training;
  • during making of charging, muscles of buttocks and hips should not strain;
  • all exercises should be carried out rhythmically, at a certain speed.

Experts advise not to stop occupation at achievement of the first positive results at all. Unfortunately, at the termination of trainings the progress will be quickly lost. It is allowed to lower loading or to carry out gymnastics every other day.

Kegel's technique — very simple, easy and universal training which will give the chance not only to strengthen intimate muscles, to save thereby from a large number of problems of gynecologic character, but also the general state of health is essential to improve, to increase quality of intimate life.

Examine also Kegel's exercises for men.

But, before starting development of gymnastics, experts advise to get advice at the doctor as it possesses some contraindications.

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