As it is correct to carry out the return push-ups"

As it is correct to carry out the return push-ups"

Thanks to push-ups by a reverse grip it is possible to receive from a bench not only big strong hands, but also to achieve strengthening of muscles of the top part of the building. This exercise, though a lung, is incredibly effective: it contributes to the development not only hands (tricepses, bicepses, forearms), but also deltoid muscles and also muscles of the top area of a breast. Other its names are failures between support and push-ups from two benches.

The return push-ups mean a wide variation of loading and excellently suit both to men, and women.

The return push-ups from a support, for example, a bench or a chair — the effective general exercise developing tricepses. It received the name because of technology of performance which means an emphasis of hands behind the case.


Exercise is rather simple, it can do not only to professionals, but also beginners, naturally, taking into account level of training.

Important! Return push-ups are recommended to beginners as the first general exercise for pumping of a triceps. Having mastered it, it is possible to start exercises with dumbbells or a bar.

  • It promotes strengthening of joints, ligaments of hands, brings muscles into a tone and strengthens neural relations of muscles with the central nervous system. Only after assimilation of the correct equipment and biomechanics of these push-ups we will allow transition to other exercises to a triceps, for example, to a press of a bar lying. It considerably reduces risk of traumatizing hand and elbow joints.
  • At experienced athletes the performance of this exercise pursues other aim — to separately work each bunch of a triceps and to allocate a treglavy muscle against the background of others.
  • Push-ups from a bench study all heads of a three-headed muscle, and this muscle is much larger than the same biceps and makes about 75% of the total amount of a hand so that who aims to increase the volume of hands, to do exercises only on a biceps and it is necessary to do on a triceps.
  • Exercise does not demand the special equipment, it can be carried out anywhere, using for an emphasis a chair, a bench, shells at stadium and so on. Burdening if in it there is a need, any subject of suitable weight can also serve.

Whether you know? A triceps — a muscle which is recovered quicker than the others while muscles of a back have the longest term of restoration.

  • The return push-ups keep a three-headed muscle in suspense on both phases of the movement: positive and negative.
  • For women of push-up from a bench in an emphasis behind bear special advantage as around a triceps fat is laid, and after a menopause it descends, leaving flabby skin. Girls should not worry that exercises on a triceps, a biceps and other muscles of hands they will shake hands till large volumes: work with the weight does not conduct to a hypertrophy, but keeps muscles in a tone, without allowing to be postponed by fat, stretching skin.
  • Variations with a weight are not limited so it is possible to achieve significant progress in performance of this exercise.
  • At its performance breast width increases if when lowering slightly to stretch it.
  • The return push-ups develop strength of the athlete which he uses for further progress in it and other exercises.
  • Push-ups in an emphasis behind involve in work small groups of muscles, so-called stabilizers which at standard movements remain almost not involved.

Whether you know? According to scientific research VIDA Fitness Renaissance, failures — one of the most effective exercises revealing the high level of activity of a three-headed muscle.

The involved muscles

The return push-ups belong to general exercises at which more than one joint work. In this case are involved humeral and elbow.

Problem of a three-headed muscle is straightening of a hand in an elbow, at the same time the long head is involved together with back and humeral muscles at assignment of a hand back and reduction of a hand to a trunk.

Besides occupations on exercise machines for maintenance of a body the step aerobics, run, driving the bicycle, swimming will help with good shape, crossfit, yoga. You should not forget also about morning exercises.

The main

During performance of failures all three heads of a triceps are involved:

  • lateral, the most noticeable externally;
  • medial;
  • long.

During performance their reduction and stretching is felt. As a result we receive a triceps in a tone, and when using burdening — increase in its volume. A combination of the return push-ups to such general exercises as, for example, the French press or a press of a bar lying, will yield very worthy result.


In addition the following muscles are involved in exercise:

  • chest;
  • front deltas;
  • diamond-shaped;
  • the widest;
  • forearm;
  • press;
  • muscles of legs.

Performance options

Some variations of performance of the return push-ups preferred according to level of training of the athlete are admissible.

Beginners should place emphasis of legs on a floor while more trained athletes lift them on the support established parallel to a persistent bench.

Whether you know? Regular trainings are important for people of mature age, after a 40-year boundary of people loses 2-3% of muscle tissue a year, after 60-year-old 5%.

If the athlete is still insufficiently trained for an emphasis, it can complicate failures, slightly raising legs in turn during each bending of hands. When such option also becomes too simple, it is possible to raise a hip perpendicular to a trunk, bending of knees is admissible.

Also push-up with a strong distance of a basin from a support is allowed. Increase in loading is reached by arrangement of a basin closer to a support.

Progress in exercise comes in process of increase in weight, for example, of laying of pancakes from a bar on hips or putting on of an utyazhelitelny vest.

Correct equipment

The classical option assumes installation of two benches of identical height opposite to each other. The distance is regulated depending on length of legs of the athlete. Engaged is located between benches, putting hands on back palms down at distance of width of shoulders. Heels are established on the bench located opposite. Carrying out house failures, it is possible to use chairs, a sofa or a bed.

Important! Loading varies position of legs — the already statement, the it is more difficult to carry out exercise. The maximum load is reached by laying of a leg on a leg. The close arrangement of benches simplifies performance.

After acceptance of a starting position move buttocks towards a basic bench, straighten legs and a back, find eyes before themselves a point of support and hold a look it.

On a breath bend elbows and lower a basin down. In order to avoid an injury of an elbow joint of a hand have to go along the case. It is necessary to fall quite low, but without touching a floor by buttocks, it is fraught with injuries of joints. The triceps when lowering stretches. The indicator of a state is the comfortable feeling in joints.

On an exhalation accept a starting position. Having returned to it, it is not necessary to unbend up to the end hands, and at once it is necessary to do repetition. Thus elbow joints get rid of unnecessary loading while the triceps is as much as possible loaded.

Important! Performance of the equipment will be validated by burning in muscles.

It is desirable to do the return push-ups as it is possible closer by the beginning of a training of a three-headed muscle as they are quite energy-intensive. It is senseless to carry out exercise in a half of amplitude or breakthroughs.

Mistakes of beginners

Some athletes, especially beginners, can make widespread mistakes, carrying out failures. That to avoid them, it is necessary to follow recommendations.

  • Not to part elbows in the parties, they need to be directed back that loading was not transferred to elbow joints from tricepses, otherwise it is possible to be injured.
  • Not to fall rather low, thus it is possible to injure a shoulder joint, especially using weighting or carrying out failures in accelerated.
  • Not to stoop, on the contrary, to open and straighten a breast while the press is intense, otherwise the loading postponed for shoulder joints overloads them that is fraught with injuries.
  • To fulfill full amplitude, pushing out a body up on the highest point and having a buttock over a bench, otherwise the training will turn out at half strength.
  • To hold hands directly near hips, sitting on the edge of a bench.
  • To fall slowly, controlling process, to rise powerfully.
  • The trajectory of the movement of a back is located vertically, a back direct during all exercise.
  • Hands and legs are established on the edge of benches, the case sags between them.
  • Applying weighting, it should be placed at first on a basin then to shower legs, with a considerable weight it is necessary to use the help of the partner.
  • When lowering the elbow has to form a corner in 90 °.

When it is better to keep itself?

In general, the return push-ups — rather simple exercise in classical option of execution. But in process of achievement of progress in it and application of additional receptions, possibilities of traumatizing appear. It is possible to avoid it, following advice.

  • The discomfort around elbow or shoulder joints indicates incorrect technology of performance. It is better not to injure cartilaginous tissue, it is too long restored. If pain is felt even when performing of the facilitated option, there is a sense to study a triceps, using special exercise machines.
  • It is difficult to control the hands which are too widely established on a bench, there is a risk of a trauma at an elbow institution inside.
  • It is impossible to be late in the highest point with the straightened elbows also — it is possible to be injured. In this case it is better to make without stopping the greatest possible number of repetitions, saturating a muscle with blood.
  • Surely it is necessary to warm sheaves and muscles, especially if in the past there was an injury of a shoulder or elbow. If necessary it is possible to use elastic bandage.
  • Movements are carried out smoothly, each phase of exercise stays under control.
  • It is not necessary to overload muscles, carrying out the return push-ups and push-ups on bars in one training: based on the identical principle of action, they have similar effect.
  • For fixing of hands the sense is in the correct family way to lean them on a soft covering.
  • It is undesirable to bring additional innovations in the equipment worked many — the risk of a trauma is high.

Important! Weight needs to be selected very accurately — muscles can sustain it, and sheaves cannot.

The return push-ups in an emphasis behind in the best way study muscles. A variety of the developed options does exercise available both for advanced athletes, and for beginners, irrespective of a floor. It is possible not to be afraid of notorious injuries if to observe adequate safety measures: not to fall too deeply, not to put a hand more widely than shoulders and adequately to apply weighting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team