As it is correct to do a pose of a cat in yoga

As it is correct to do a pose of a cat in yoga

Mardzhariasana — one of the most popular exercises in yoga. It is simple to execute such asana, and it will serve as good warm-up before the following exercises and also will bring considerable benefit in various situations.

The pose of a cat perfectly will suit those who only began to master yoga.

Biomechanics of joints and muscle work

During performance of this exercise the backbone is located in a position of axial unloading thanks to what pressure upon intervertebral disks decreases.

Movements of an asana allow to work carefully with deflections in the different planes, training ligaments and joints of a backbone. The pose of a cat includes a big range of movements of vertebras among themselves: extension and bending, twisting and side inclinations (in some versions).

The correct breath harmonizes muscle work. For internals in belly and pelvic areas the asana will become soft, but effective massage.

Whether you know? Mardzhariasana — the name of a pose of a cat in ancient Sanskrit. Other name of an asana with a back curve — Bitilasana (cow pose).

Than it is useful to a human body

When performing exercise all departments of a backbone are involved.

Except increase and maintaining flexibility of a back, this asana will help:

  • to revitalize abdominal organs and a small pelvis;
  • to remove pain cervical and lumbar departments;
  • to strengthen a press;
  • to relieve pain and to normalize a menstrual cycle;
  • to stimulate the nervous terminations in back muscles, for improvement of all organism.

Performance of an asana allows to tighten a figure, including after pregnancy and childbirth.

Contraindications and restrictions

The pose of a cat is available practically to everyone, however there are also several restrictions.

Be careful:

  • at pregnancy after the third month. Since this period it is necessary to exclude tension of muscles of a stomach. Completely it is necessary to refuse an asana after the sixth month;
  • at injuries of a neck and backbone. Before occupations surely consult with the doctor.

Important! The pose of a cat can be carried out only in 2 hours after a meal. The dense lunch from heavy dishes will demand a break at 4 o'clock.

You give classes on a special rug or other soft covering, in the distance from acute angles.

Whether it is possible to do at pregnancy

Mardzhariasan can practice at normal course of pregnancy (after consultation with the doctor). The pose of a cat will relax muscles and will open a basin, reducing a possibility of patrimonial injuries. The elasticity of muscles of a press will help to carry easier growing stomach. Exercise should be carried out without strong deflection and without straining a stomach muscle. After the sixth month you pass to breathing exercises and quiet, not dynamic asanas.

Important! Permission of the doctor to occupations yoga at pregnancy is necessary. Main contraindications: heavy toxicosis, uterus hyper tone, prelying of a placenta, abundance of water and threat of an abortion.

Technology of performance and breath

Technology of performance of exercise is as follows:

  1. Starting position of an asana — being on all fours, knees are located on basin width (everyone under the corresponding joint), palms rest against a floor at shoulder length (everyone under the shoulder joint).
  2. On an exhalation the back caves in up, forming a semicircle. Muscles of a stomach are strained and pull in a stomach inside, as much as possible removing from it air. In a final point the head appears between hands.
  3. On a breath the back slowly falls and caves in down, and the head is smoothly taken away up. The stomach is stuck out and helps to fill lungs with air completely.

There are modifications of these movements:

  • with a support on elbows;
  • with outstretched arms and the maximum deflection to shoulders and a breast to a floor.

For warm-up or the general improvement the pose of a cat is carried out by 10 times at the slowest speed (at least 10 seconds on one cycle). For removal of pain or treatment of problems with a backbone the number of repetitions can be increased.

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Possible mistakes

Mardzhariasana — is rather ordinary, and mistake probability in its performance is small.

Pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the correct setting of hands and legs in a starting position;
  • avoid sharp movements. Do not throw back the head and do not lower it too quickly.

The pose of a cat makes soft impact on an organism and is available to the majority of practicing. Considering possible contraindications, you do not do much harm to yourself, but will be able to get rid of neck and waist pains.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team