As it is correct to do all options of a pose of the Hero in yoga

As it is correct to do all options of a pose of the Hero in yoga

Virasana or the Hero's pose — one of the most popular asanas in yoga. It belongs to group simple performed by, however you should not underestimate its positive influence on an organism. Today's article is devoted to features of performance of Virasana and her versions. Let's learn together how to be prepared for this asana in what cases it is contraindicated and what rules should following at its performance.

Positive effect from performance

The pose of the Hero gained the popularity thanks to invaluable benefit which brings. If regularly to practice it, it is possible:

  • to improve a bearing;
  • to cure rheumatic joint pains;
  • to cure gout;
  • to remove tension legs;
  • to prevent development of diseases of blood vessels;
  • to help at flat-footedness;
  • to lower pain from salt spurs in heels and even over time to move away them;
  • to improve an extension of muscles of hips and ankles.

But on it positive impact of Virasana does not come to an end:

  • it is considered that stay is capable to save more than half an hour in this pose from migraines;
  • thanks to it work of intestines, bladder improves;
  • work of genitals is normalized therefore the pose of the Hero is recommended to practice to the women having problems with a menstrual cycle.

Whether you know? As show finds of archeologists, in the territory of Latin and South America in the ancient time practiced the exercises similar to yoga.


Sometimes it is necessary to refrain from practice of a pose of the Hero:

  • in case of injuries of knees, sinews, musculoskeletal device;
  • at an acute pain in a lower body.

Preparatory asanas

Virasana in itself is often used in preparation for other exercises. It is one of the simplest asanas which promotes a warming up of muscles.

Important! Carefully Virasan needs to practice also to those who have a varicosity. Such practicians cannot stay in an asana long, and the number of repetitions needs to be limited to 2-3 circles. As the pose of the Hero provides load of legs, there is a risk to aggravate a disease.

And to be prepared for it, it is possible to use Ardh Virasana. Performance of this asana is very similar to the classical version of Virasana which detailed description is given below, however at the same time one leg needs to be extended forward.

Technology of performance

Virasana has several variations, and we will pay to each look special attention.

Option 1

The main scheme of performance of a pose of the Hero looks as follows:

  1. Initial position: being kneeling closed together with the feet developed in the parties.
  2. Taking a breath, sit down on a floor buttocks so that feet appeared sideways. Toes at the same time look back, and calves lie near a hip.
  3. Straighten a back in such situation, having opened hands palms up on a lap. Big and index fingers at the same time are connected, forming a gyana-mudra.
  4. In this position you sit as long as possible (if there are no contraindications), without forgetting to breathe and relaxing muscles.
  5. Later link fingers in the lock, exhaling, and stretch hands up, for the head, twisting palms outside on a breath. Stop in such tension for 30–40 seconds, having focused on deep breath.
  6. After this time put hands on the back of feet and stretch all over forward, trying to touch by a chin of knees.
  7. Record this situation for half-minute-minutes then rise on a breath and relax a body.
  8. Now it was necessary to leave an asana. For this purpose at first lift a basin, then lean on knees and rise, straightening legs.

Option 2

Adho Mukh Virasan or the pose of Hero No. 2 which is carried out facedown is recommended for implementation of the classical version following later. It is designed to relax the muscles and ligaments involved in the first option.

Important! It is often difficult to beginners to lower a basin on a floor at once. In that case the small plaid or a pillow enclosed under buttocks will come to the rescue.

This asana looks as follows:

  1. Starting position: sitting in the Hero's pose.
  2. Slowly deviate back to lean on elbows.
  3. Having reached this position, do not stop, you will not concern a floor the top yet, then fall by a nape.
  4. Lower hands in the parties or for the head (as it is more convenient) and relax.
  5. During a final phase you watch that knees did not disperse in the parties and did not come off a floor.

Performance of option No. 2 will also help to take off fatigue for a long time and to remove leg pain.

Whether you know? 2–3 months of regular trainings by yoga are capable to help to lose to 20% of excess weight.

Option 3

If you successfully carry out the first two asanas of Virasana, then it is time to pass to the third. The roller and three plaids will be necessary for option No. 3.

Schematically the third pose of the Hero looks as follows:

  1. Being kneeling, place the roller between them, connecting at the same time thumbs of legs.
  2. Now take the first plaid and, having put it several times, arrange on the roller.
  3. You stack the second plaid put in the same way on a bend of knees.
  4. You take seat buttocks on heels so further, having parted knees on roller width.
  5. We put the third plaid and we enclose it between a stomach and hips.
  6. Resting hands for the ends of the roller, extend a body forward, laying down on a plaid. Control that buttocks did not come off from a foot.
  7. Then bend hands, having put shoulders on a plaid, and touch by a forehead hands.
  8. Remain in this pose 3–4 minutes.
  9. For an exit from an asana at first raise a body, relaxing muscles, then kneel and only after that completely become straight.

Safety rules

When performing Virasana's it is important to follow the simple rules thanks to which the positive effect from an asana will increase:

  • during exercise the back has to be a straight line;
  • you hold feet vertically, without allowing them to part;
  • do not allow a curvature in a waist;
  • if it is difficult to hold a body straightened, then rest palms against knees, wringing out a groin as much as possible down to achieve extension of muscles;
  • at emergence of unpleasant feelings, discomfort in knees, accurately leave an asana and remove stress.

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The pose of the Hero is popular with beginners thanks to the simplicity, but her and more skilled masters practice, it positively influences a condition of an organism. The main thing performed by Virasana is to monitor breath and to conform to the rules of performance of an asana, otherwise there is a risk to do much harm to the health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team