As it is correct to do all options of a pose of the soldier in yoga

As it is correct to do all options of a pose of the soldier in yoga

Virabkhadrasana, or the soldier's pose — one of the major and most effective poses in yoga which enjoys wide popularity today. And it is not surprising, the advantage of its performance is felt both on physical, and at the mental and emotional levels. Let's consider its impact on an organism, contraindications, technology of performance and also the safety rule.

Useful effect of performance

As this curative asana involves all groups of muscles, it is difficult to call its positive impact on an organism in question. In spite of the fact that the pose very energy-intensive and difficult for execution, will serve as its result excellent endurance, development of will power, patience and many other qualities.

It is also possible to refer to useful effects:

  • positive impact on a thorax which during performance extends and becomes more flexible, and breath — deep and equal;
  • normalization of work of bodies of a GIT;
  • development of the correct gait and bearing;
  • ability to feel the body;
  • improvement of sense of equilibrium;
  • strengthening of muscles of legs, buttocks, press, neck and humeral belt;
  • filling by energy, inflow of cheerfulness and forces.

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Unfortunately, not all people can carry out this improving asana. In the presence of doubts it is better to get at first advice and approval of the expert who will pick up the provisions which were more suitable you in connection with specific features. Performance of this pose is contraindicated:

  • at the high blood pressure and diseases of heart;
  • at recent injuries of a knee, shoulder or hip;
  • at violations in work of cervical department;
  • at complications in work of bodies of digestive system: diarrhea, locks, the increased gas generation.

Important! In case of complications in work of a neck and presence of hernias and also at the excess weight, it is better to apply a wall as a support to achieve the maximum advantage of performance of exercise and not to be traumatized.

Preparatory asanas

To facilitate performance of a pose of the soldier and to prepare a body for the subsequent loading, it is possible to try some preparatory asanas calculated specially on the best assimilation of the main pose. Let's consider in more detail technology of their performance.

Adho Mukh Shvanasan (or pose of a dog muzzle down). Favors to improvement of work of heart and brain activity, maintenance of a muscular tone and strengthening of calves, doing them is more attractive and more mobile. It is necessary to carry out this asana so:

  1. Fall by all fours, rest the opened palms against a floor and record knees and feet at the level of shoulders.
  2. Cave in down and, leaning on palms, to delay buttocks at first back, after that up.
  3. Now strongly pull a neck, hands and a waist, seeking to increase a deflection. Extremities are not mobile, the stomach is intense.
  4. You keep so minute, then it is possible to relax.

Supta Virasana (a pose of the soldier lying). Perfectly stretches a stomach, promotes improvement of digestive process, well influences the general condition of an organism, restoring it and loading with energy.

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It is carried out so:

  1. Initial position: kneel and part heels in the parties.
  2. Squeeze hands of an ankle and lean back back, making an emphasis on elbows. Now carefully straighten hands, reducing weight by elbows, and continue to deviate until the back finally stretches on a floor. Hands remain along a body, it is also allowed to extend them behind the head.
  3. Knees are required to be kept motionless and squeezed to a floor during all exercise. Only in case of strong discomfort it is possible to move apart them slightly.
  4. You are in such position not longer than minute, then leave an asana very carefully, without overstraining shoulder joints and a spine.

Parivritta Trikonasana (the turned triangle pose). Takes off muscular fatigue, improves blood circulation, strengthens exchange process by improvement of work of intestines.

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Becomes so:

  1. Cost directly with a distance between legs no more than 1 m, part hands in the parties.
  2. Make turn of a torso to the right and bend to the right leg, moving the right hand up, and left — down.
  3. It is necessary to breathe exactly, deeply, to keep feet motionless, the breast is most opened, the stomach is not intense.
  4. You stick so to 50 seconds then become straight and repeat the same algorithm in other party.

Vrikshasana (tree pose). Rather easy performed by a pose will allow to improve a bearing and to stretch muscles of legs, will teach to keep intellectual rest, stability and internal balance.

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Technology of performance will not cause difficulties:

  1. Get up directly, hands are lowered, the body and reason are extremely relaxed.
  2. Bend the right leg in a knee and put foot to the left leg slightly above a knee then bring her slightly sideways.
  3. Raise hands, or cross on a breast — here everything rests to your ability to keep stability.
  4. Be recorded so for 40 seconds, with each repetition increasing duration.

Pashchimottanasana (inclination to the extended legs). Deletes muscular fatigue and nervous tension, positively influences internals, activates work of a brain and also promotes elimination of a fat layer in belly area.

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It is carried out as follows:

  1. Take seat on a floor, kick the bucket forward, tighten palms on the level of hips.
  2. Now grab hands that part of legs which you will be able to reach on condition of an equal back — it can be knees, anklebones or feet. Here it is important not to tear a backbone, otherwise the trauma is provided to you.
  3. By means of hands pull a back up and forward, however not down.
  4. Stay in such situation about a minute, over time being late longer and longer.

Whether you know? There is a legend thanks to which Virabkhadrasana also received the name. According to it, Virabkhadra (from Sanskrit of vir — the soldier, bkhadra — noble) was the powerful invincible soldier created by Shiva from own hair for fight against the enemy who profaned his honor.

Technology of performance

The pose of the soldier has three main variations of execution, each of which can be executed both in simplified, and in the complicated look. The first of them is a basis of all subsequent difficult asanas, the second — sets effect of the first, and the third was developed especially for recovery of knee joints after injuries and damages. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Pose of the soldier 1

The basic asana which will help to improve breath, blood circulation, to tone up case muscles, to take off the general fatigue.

It is necessary to carry out as follows:

  1. To rise in Tadasana (a mountain pose): feet are strong recorded on a floor, a back equal, muscles of a body are strained, hands are lowered along it.
  2. Having made a deep breath, close palms over the head, and legs move apart a jump on a distance about 130 cm from each other.
  3. Take away the right foot by 85 degrees to the right, and left — get inside by 50 degrees, heels arrange a row.
  4. Further bend the right leg until the hip appears parallel to a floor, and left — straighten.
  5. The body is strained and directed up, the look is aimed at the connected palms.
  6. You stick so to 50 seconds, supporting a measured rhythm of breath.
  7. Having exhaled, come back in an initial position and repeat this algorithm, only already in the opposite direction.

How to accept a pose of the soldier 1: video

Pose of the soldier 2

This complicated option of a pose of the soldier 1 perfectly pumps over a vestibular mechanism and puts almost all muscles into operation. Thanks to it it is possible to increase the volume of lungs and to develop elasticity of a backbone and also to strengthen cardiac muscles and to be loaded with energy.

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It is necessary to execute so:

  1. Again basic situation — Tadasana.
  2. Then it is necessary, as well as before, to take away the right leg back, and to lift the upper extremities to the level of shoulders palms down.
  3. The right foot is developed by 85 degrees, left — is a little wrapped; muscles of legs are strained.
  4. Having made an exhalation, sit down on the right leg — there will be a pose of the soldier 1 described above except for position of hands.
  5. Stretch all over up, the look is directed on the right palm. Surely control position of shoulders, holding them extremely straightened and parallel to a basin.
  6. Duration of stay in this pose is similar to the time spent in previous.

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Pose of the soldier 3

The most difficult, but, certainly, the most effective pose which can be executed only on condition of good coordination, will power and reason. Positively affects mobility of joints and work of a backbone, the reason stabilizes and calms, strengthens rush of blood to internals.

Becomes so:

  1. From a pose of the mountain accept an initial position — to Virabkhadrasan 1.
  2. Raise the right leg and, having inclined the case forward, give hands forward, they have to stay in a close look. If it is absolutely heavy, it is allowed to move apart them slightly.
  3. Neck, legs and hands are most strained, the basin is closed, the backbone is extended on all its length, the look is directed down. Be recorded so for 40 seconds.
  4. Having accurately left a pose, do the same scheme, leaning on other leg now and increasing exercise duration. For maximum efficiency it is possible to do the whole linking of exercises, since a pose of the soldier 1 and smoothly to pass to 2 and 3.

Whether you know? Professional yogis can show surprising firmness performed by this pose: they can be pushed from any party, try to bring down on the earth, even to jump for them from above — all of them equally strongly stand still, and the pose is perfected to trifles.

How to accept a pose of the soldier 3: video

Safety rules

When performing any, even the most basic asana, it is necessary to distribute correctly body weight and to adhere to accurate detuning which has to be executed according to certain rules. Ignoring them, you risk not only to receive various injuries and injuries, but also and it is wrong to execute exercise.

Let's consider separately each of rules:

  1. During all occupation keep the case to straight lines, it is impossible to be outweighed and shake to and fro, and hands have to be extended and are not mobile.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to overstrain a neck. If you already had injuries around cervical department, it is necessary to approach very accurately performance of asanas and at the slightest painful feelings immediately to stop exercise.
  3. The poses including a back deflection element have to be followed surely by preliminary warm-up that the body was warmed and prepared for the subsequent loadings, and later it is necessary to allow muscles to relax and accept a special pose for rest — for example, the child's pose.
  4. Always be engaged strictly on a rug, not on a slippery or unstable surface at all, otherwise any careless movement will lead to falling and other unpleasant consequences.

Important! Long stay in a pose is undesirable as it gives quite strong load of heart.

Among the main asanas of yoga the soldier's pose by right is considered one of the major as not only the body, but also reason gets into gear on it, to this difficult pose the thoughtful approach is necessary, it has enough appreciation and respect from the practicing yogis. Remember that if you feel discomfort at execution of this asana, unstably in it stand or overstrain a certain part of a body, it is necessary to reconsider the approach and technology of performance. We wish successful development and practice!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team