As it is correct to do extension of hands because of the head with a dumbbell sitting two hands

As it is correct to do extension of hands because of the head with a dumbbell sitting two hands

Options of the French press there is a set: costing a press, lying, sitting. In turn, several technician of performance has each appearance of a press. The French press of a dumbbell because of the head sitting — not an exception. Today we will pay attention to this type of loading.

Description and advantage of exercise

Strong hands — always advantage, a way to which — purposeful trainings and diligence. Extension of hands because of the head with a dumbbell are the isolating exercise aimed at the development of a three-headed muscle of a shoulder (triceps). This muscle if it is rather trained, forms the main muscular volume of a hand therefore if you want to achieve result from usual smartness to a visible relief, enter this type of loading into the training complex of the Must do series.

What muscles work

The extensive muscle has three bunches: long, average (medial) and side (lateral). Depending on situation and loading, each bunch is involved unevenly. The dumbbell press because of the head influences all triceps, involving in work in the most part long bunch — the most most part of an elbow razgibatel.

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As well as how many times to do

Pledge correctly and well worked muscles — observance of the technology of performance of exercise.

For accumulation of muscle bulk it is necessary to provide healthy nutrition and enough water. The diet has to include pumpkin sunflower seeds, fish, a kiwi, pineapple, coffee, meat, yogurt, nuts, lentil.

Correct technology of performance

Before extension of hands because of the head sitting accept a starting position:

  1. Sit down on a bench.
  2. Take a shell from the basis of the top pancake.
  3. Extend hands over yourself against the stop.

Begin performance on a breath:

  1. Slowly lower a shell, getting hands back.
  2. On an exhalation return to a starting position, having straightened hands over themselves.

Important! Correctly pick up a dumbbell: when lowering a shell down disks should not touch the head.

Number of approaches and repetitions

The number of approaches depends on the level of your physical training. On average, for receiving optimum load of a triceps of extension it is necessary to make in three approaches till 10-12 of repetitions.

Exercise variations

Exercise can be diversified, carrying out:

  • dumbbell press because of the head two hands;
  • extensions with change of hands;
  • extensions because of the head with one dumbbell;
  • extensions because of the head, sitting with two dumbbells;
  • extensions sitting with a curved signature stamp;
  • extensions sitting on the exercise machine.

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Councils and recommendations from advanced bodybuilders

To achieve desirable result from trainings, it is necessary to load muscles correctly and with care.

Trainings on a biceps will often include push-ups, exercises with a bar, on a horizontal bar, with dumbbells.

Widespread mistakes of beginners

  • cultivation of elbows aside;
  • relaxation of muscles in extreme points;
  • too fast change of situation;
  • wrong load distribution;
  • zavalivaniye sideways;
  • deflection of lumbar department.

Subtleties and cunnings on performance

  • carry out loading with the maximum amplitude;
  • you hold shoulders in parallel;
  • when performing the elbows have to look directly;
  • make effort on an exhalation;
  • performance of this exercise with two dumbbells does it more effective.

It is important! If you have insufficiently trained back, for performance of exercise use Scott's bench, sitting down on it back to front.

This exercise is effective at any level of physical training and is suitable both for strengthening of an extensive muscle, and for its extension.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team