As it is correct to do frontal squats with a bar

As it is correct to do frontal squats with a bar

To support a body in shape and to remain healthy, it is necessary to pay attention not only to food, but also physical activities. Now there are many sports which will help to become stronger, is more hardy, but will help to build up muscle bulk and to add relief to your body only exercises with a bar.

Description and advantage of exercise

Squats with a bar on shoulders in front is an effective way of maintenance of a figure in an excellent form and also inflatings of a quadriceps.

This type of squats is called still frontal. It is used by professional athletes for trainings of a power push of a bar. In the middle of the 20th century during the power trainings used such squats for development of muscles of legs, and now squats of this kind are additional.

By means of squats, hips, buttocks actively work with a bar on a breast, sinews stretch. During static loads, back muscles are studied. Muscles play the auxiliary and stabilizing role in legs.

Frontal squats with a bar bring a lot of benefit:

  • at the correct position of a back (direct) it is possible to unload with it;
  • do hips, a back, a stomach by stronger;
  • reduce the probability of injuries of knees;
  • do not strain a lower back;
  • develop deduction of balance, coordination of movements;
  • burn fat;
  • promote growth of muscles;
  • increase flexibility in shoulders.

With a bar do many exercises, for example the French press lying, pullovers, the Romanian draft, draft of a bar in an inclination, stanovy draft, raising of a bar on a biceps on Scott's bench.

What muscles shake

During performance of exercise, muscles of hips, a stomach, legs, buttocks, hands are involved. But they strain with a different force: some it is very strong, others only perform support function.

The main

The main muscle in squats with a bar on a breast is the chetyryokhglavy muscle on hips (quadriceps).


Auxiliary muscles by means of which it is possible to execute frontal squat are gastrocnemius, buttock, dvukhglavy muscles of hips (bicepses), semi-webby muscles and also popliteal sinews.

In the uniform direction such muscles shake: big buttock, bringing, kambalovidny. Function of dynamic stabilizers is performed by muscles which are located in a back part of a hip, muscles of calves. The stabilizing function is performed by a straight line and oblique muscles, are located on a stomach.

Being in vertical position with loading (bar), you already make active practically all back muscles which help to hold all body in the correct situation. During performance of a frontal squat all muscles of legs what only exist work.

Whether you know? In 1978 in America for the first time held a competition in bodybuilding among women.

As well as how many times to do

The most important in squats with a bar on a breast is technology of performance. It will allow to instruct you how to execute exercise is correct also without harm for an organism.

Correct technology of performance

At the moment two ways of performance of exercise are known: with close arrangement of legs and wide. Professionals recommend to put legs on width of shoulders.

Before performance of squats warm and warm up legs. Make sure that in the gym there is a mirror which will help to control itself and to avoid mistakes. Sideways there will be not enough one mirror, it is necessary to see itself in a fullface. Be not distracted by anything to keep balance and without mistakes to execute approach.

Read also about push-ups, pullings up, attacks and a press.

The bar needs to be put so that at removal of a bar you stood on all sole, but not on tiptoe. Best of all at removal of a bar from a power frame to sit down a little.

For your safety establish beams for an insurance at such height which is a little above the lowest point during a deep squat. These precautionary measures will be useful in case you squat without assistants. Hook pancakes on a signature stamp.

The bar has to hang in the middle of a frame. Strain stomach muscles. Remove a bar, step forward. Become near a bar. The signature stamp has to be ahead of you. It has to fall to you in that place where deltas pass into a trapetsiyepodobny muscle.

Check that hands were bent in elbows. Send to a palm up and hold a signature stamp in such position of hands. And it is better to turn elbows up.

Control position of hands which have to be constantly not already, than width of shoulders. After raising of a signature stamp by means of a trunk recede back on one step.

Check that the signature stamp did not move. It is convenient to one to cross hands, another — no. Do as it is convenient to you. Just control arrangement of a bar. It should not come down to a bottom because in such state it will give load of joints.

You watch a bearing. Basin last back, and you hold a back directly. Do not incline the head and do not throw back it back. You look before yourself with an equal neck and a back.

When you became straight enough, execute squat. To avoid injuries in a lower back, constantly you take away a basin back. Slowly fall down (approximately in 2 seconds). The bar should not hit against an insurance which you could expose before squat.

To rise, it is necessary quickly and with a force to make a start heels from a surface on which you stand. It is necessary to make these movements with an exhalation. That is, as you could pay attention, we follow the rule: we sit down slowly, inhaling, we get up quickly, exhaling.

Number of approaches and repetitions

For beginners it is desirable to prepare a body for loadings therefore it is better to begin exercises with small weight. For women it is necessary to make 5 approaches, in each of which — from 8 to 12 repetitions with loading in 10–15 kg. For men it is possible to make 5 approaches till 10-15 of repetitions. The weight of a bar has to be from 20 to 30 kg.

It is important! If you are physically poorly prepared for performance of exercise with a bar, at first be trained with dumbbells or a signature stamp. During morning exercises squat without weighting compounds, but you watch technology of performance.


  • Before squatting with a bar, be convinced that you have no contraindications to this type of exercises.
  • It is worth refusing squats in case you had injuries of knees, feet or a backbone.
  • If you have diseases of airways, hearts, vessels, undergo better medical examination after which the therapist will make recommendations about an occasion of trainings.
  • Do not squat if recently did you operation.
  • Do not do exercise if you are ill or only recovered. To the weakened organism can become worse from such physical activities.
  • Loading has to raise step by step. It is impossible to begin with the heaviest weight (especially to women).
  • Before squats warm up to warm muscles. These precautionary measures will help to avoid injuries.

Councils and recommendations from advanced bodybuilders

  • Move smoothly, exclude sharp movements. You watch speed, it has to be moderate.
  • Squat more deeply. It will help to pump up muscles of legs and buttocks better.
  • Strain a press more, it will help to hold a back.
  • Do not tear off a heel from a floor, do not put under them anything superfluous. It can do harm to knees.

Widespread mistakes of beginners

Beginners often make mistakes when performing frontal squats with a bar. Let's consider the most widespread of them:

  • Most often during performance of a frontal squat the beginners round a back. It can injure a waist. In order that the back was a straight line, at first it is necessary to reach ideal technology of performance of exercise with lightweight of a bar, and then gradually to increase it.
  • Beginners incorrectly put legs. Their knees are sent to the middle.
  • Beginners incorrectly hold a signature stamp therefore it falls by elbows.
  • Inexperienced do too fast movements.
  • The wrong position of the head and back (they are located crookedly). Because of such situation the bar can drop out.
  • Insufficient amplitude of movements.
  • Bar weight is incorrectly distributed (emphasis is put only on hands).

Whether you know? For the first time the gym was opened in Sweden by doctor Wilhelm Zander in 1854.

Subtleties and cunnings of performance

  • Frontal squats need to be done deeply that hips in the lower position laid down on calves. Then you will qualitatively pump over gluteuses.
  • After difficult rise it is better to make a loud exhalation which will help to remove stress.
  • You hold elbows as above on rise is possible.
  • You watch that heels were densely pressed to a floor.
  • At first study technology of performance of exercise better, and then add weight.
  • Choose sneakers with a small heel and a rigid sole. They have to record foot well.
  • Put on elastic clothes. Do not carry out this exercise without t-shirt as the bar can fall.
  • Rub hands with chalk or talc that the signature stamp was not unsteady.

It is important! If you only began to master squats with a bar, then for bigger safety carry out exercises in Smith's exercise machine.

Squat with a bar on a breast is one of the most effective exercises for inflating of a quadriceps of hips, gluteuses, calves. This exercise develops concentration of attention, endurance, improves blood circulation, disciplines. Therefore for obtaining the best result it is necessary to get acquainted in detail with technology of performance of exercise, to pick up suitable clothes for trainings and not to make the gross blunders described above.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team