As it is correct to do leg extention sitting on the exercise machine

As it is correct to do leg extention sitting on the exercise machine

Such form of a training as leg extention, is carried out by means of the special exercise machine. The main loading in that case is the share of quadriceps. From outside it seems that exercise very simple. But its wrong performance can become the getting injured reason. Before beginning occupation on any of exercise machines, study the principle of its work and technical features of performance of exercise.

Description and advantage of exercise

Almost you can find the exercise machine for leg extention in each gym — insulating exercise on quadriceps. During its performance the muscles which are responsible for maintaining balance do not participate.

The exercise machine externally looks as a seat with the back supporting a backbone. It does it harmless for the people having problems with a back. Existence of accurately set trajectory of the movement promotes reduction of risk of traumatizing owing to exercise performance.

The exercise machine approaches for:

  • warming up of joints and muscles;
  • exhaustions of muscles after the basic training.

As a result of assignment of a shin from a hip the knee joint is unbent. The case deviation increases efficiency of exercise back: all bunch of a quadriceps is studied.

If to speak about knee joints, then the main loading is the share of a front crucial ligament.

Important! Conform to the rules of performance of exercise to avoid injuries.

The correct training will help you to strengthen knee sheaves. For this reason the exercise machine is so popular among the athletes having injuries in the past.

What muscles shake

Before starting performance of leg extentions sitting, pay attention to what muscles will work.

The exercise machine allows to develop muscles of a front femoral part — quadriceps:

  • targeted — a chetyrekhglavy femoral muscle (direct, intermediate, medial, literal);
  • stabilizers — trapezoid, a muscle which raises a shovel, a biceps, a humeral muscle.

As well as how many times to do

Carry out exercise, as a rule, at the same time on both legs. Observance of recommendations will provide the maximum effect of a training.

Get acquainted with technology of performance of exercises for a biceps and a triceps.

Correct technology of performance

In spite of the fact that for leg extention the exercise machine is used, there are certain rules, technology of performance according to which each user has to act:

  1. Establish operating weight. Deeply take seat on an exercise machine seat. Legs need to be got under the roller. Arrange hands on side handles and strong grasp them.
  2. Being in a starting position, make a breath. On an exhalation by means of quadriceps straighten legs. A delay into 2 accounts, it is also possible to return to a starting position.
  3. Make the necessary number of repetitions.

Number of approaches and repetitions

Experienced athletes are recommended to do 12–20 repetitions on 4–5 approaches. It is better for beginner to lower a little a level up to 3 approaches not to do themselves harm.

Exercise variations

It is possible to carry out exercise not only at the same time on both legs, but also serially, sitting or semi-standing: at first one leg, and then — another is studied. The serial way is more effective and intended for advanced users.

Whether you know? The first exercise machine was invented in 1796 by Francis Lowndes and was called gimnastikony.

Besides, the provision of socks can also be a miscellaneous:

  • classical for the general development of quadriceps — equal socks;
  • socks outside for development of an internal surface of a hip are heels together, socks separately;
  • socks inside for emphasis on literal and medial parts of quadriceps (outer surface of a hip) — heels separately, socks together.


Occupations on such exercise machine are completely contraindicated to people who have injuries of knee joints.

What to replace with

Often because of the high level of loadings, knee pains and other negative points, the beginning athletes ask a question: what to replace the leg extention which is carried out on the exercise machine with.

Can be an alternative:

  • press legs;
  • squats with a bar;
  • stanovy draft;
  • squats, including on one leg;
  • attacks, etc.

Read also about value and technology of performance of exercises: kardio, push-ups (return), exercises for an extension, exercises on a fitball, drafts of a bar in an inclination, burp, a press of dumbbells on an inclined bench, pullings up, a level.

Councils and recommendations from advanced bodybuilders

The beginning athletes often rely on own intuition in performance of various exercises. And, as result, they make a set of mistakes.

Widespread mistakes of beginners

  • Sharp movements — the most widespread error and the reason of the majority of injuries.
  • Wrong arrangement of priorities. Leg extention does not promote accumulation of muscle bulk.
  • Not warmed joints and ligaments.
  • Not static character of position of a body.

Important! It is necessary to hold a back exactly, and hands — on hand-rail. You look only forward.

Subtleties and cunnings of performance

  • Adjustment of position of rollers. Optimum height of placement — 8-10 cm is higher a foot.
  • The corner of a bend of legs is equal 90 ⁰.
  • Starting, you do not get a foot and a shin under a seat. It increases load of joints and sheaves.
  • Be not late for a long time in the lower point. Long fixing of legs in completely bent situation excessively overloads quadriceps.
  • The back during performance of exercise has to be a straight line (you should not remove an exercise machine back back), otherwise the efficiency from exercise will be minimum.
  • Lifting weight, strain a foot and pull socks on yourself.
  • Knees should not hang down for seat limits.
  • Accept static position of the case. It is impossible to crawl on all seat.
  • It is better for beginners to use the exercise machine for leg extention at the end of the main training.
  • You breathe correctly. The exhalation has to be made by effort.
  • Do not exaggerate own forces: select weight according to the opportunities.
  • At discomfort it is recommended to replace exercise with alternative.

Whether you know? Complete recovery of muscles after the training requires 48 hours.

Leg extention sitting helps to give to muscles the form, to create a relief. Following to recommendations will help you to avoid traumatizing joints and ligaments in knees. This insulating exercise which is applied at the beginning or the end of a training, but is not included into its main part. It is better for beginners to use services of the personal trainer for development of the plan of occupations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team