As it is correct to do squats of sumo

As it is correct to do squats of sumo

Many girls dream to have the beautiful, tightened hips and buttocks, and most of them understands that plastic surgeries in this situation — not the best exit. The body over which you worked in gym will look much more natural. Today our material is devoted to great exercise which will help those who want to make the figure more tightened and sexual.

What muscles work

First of all it should be noted that the squats in style of sumo executed correctly practically exclude a back from work. The main load is placed on legs and buttocks, namely on described below muscles.

The main:

  • big buttock (muscles which form your buttocks);
  • muscles of an internal surface of a hip;
  • quadriceps (frontal byoderny muscles);
  • byoderny bicepses.

Important! Classical squats with burdening are also excellent exercise in order that your buttocks became beautiful and tightened, besides this exercise is much safer. It is expedient to alternate two styles of squats: sumo and classics. Try to do each course within one week.


  • sural;
  • muscles bark (all muscles of your body from a groin to a breast).

Pluses and minuses of exercise

From advantages it is necessary to allocate such:

  1. Muscles of legs, buttocks and partially bark are completely loaded.
  2. Perfectly will suit women as well pumps over those zones which traditionally many girls consider problem: internal byoderny zone and buttocks.
  3. Well influences on krovooborot in inguinal area, and it is the key to excellent appearance.
  4. At regular performance the joints of a basin and knees become strong and elastic.
  5. Exercise does not demand any special equipment.

Whether you know? It is the best of all to put squats of a plie at the very beginning of the complex training, right after good warm-up and several squats with a warm-up weight it is necessary to do it because of complexity of the technology of performance. Until your organism was not tired yet, you will stand on feet better, will be able to work with big scales, respectively, and technology of performance there will be more correct.

From minuses it is possible to allocate the following:

  1. Technology of performance can represent some complexity for beginners.
  2. The increased injury is possible during the work with considerable weight, especially in the absence of high-quality warm-up.

Squats of sumo and plie: main differences

Squats of sumo often confuse with a plie do not distinguish them, more precisely. In both types of squats the socks of legs look forward and in the parties, legs are widely placed.

Learn as it is correct to squat with a bar on shoulders and also as it is correct to do frontal squats with a bar, deep, air and Bulgarian squats.

It is necessary to tell several words about in what a difference between these styles:

  1. In a plie of a leg are put on the distance, greatest possible for a steady position of a body.
  2. In a plie the distance between legs is wider, than in sumo.
  3. Also in a plie the case has to be in strictly vertical position, and in sumo — to be slightly inclined forward, at the same time the back is curved, buttocks are taken away back.
  4. Squats of sumo load vnutribyoderny muscles less.
  5. In sumo it is possible to work with big scales.

Video: differences between squats of a plie and sumo

Correct technology of performance

Before doing exercise with an operating weight, make several warm-up squats with lightweight:

  1. Take an initial position, the distance between legs is selected as follows: become exactly, heels touch each other, socks are divorced. Extend hands in the parties that they were located parallel to a floor. Mentally lower perpendiculars from your elbows to a floor. The turned-out points will also be those places where it is necessary to have a foot.
  2. Lowered down pick up a dumbbell. If you work with a bar, put it on shoulders or you hold at the level of a breast.
  3. Slowly squat, taking a breath (it is desirable through a nose). Squatting, present that you try to sit down on a chair, that is to the maximum take away a basin back. The waist and, respectively, a back are curved.

Important! A frequent mistake in attempt to reach the correct technology of performance of squats of sumo is such: instead of as much as possible taking away a basin back (to sit down on a chair), leaving a deflection in a waist, girls just bend forward. As a result we have such exercise inclinations with burdening on halfbent legs.

  1. You come back to a starting position quicker, but without breakthrough, at the same time you do an exhalation through a mouth.

Video: technology of performance of squats of sumo

Contraindications and precautionary measures

The main contraindications for performance of the described exercise are problems with lumbar department, a back and knee joints. One more group of muscles which weakness can cause some problems — muscles bark. However it is necessary to notice that in the second case it is quite possible to work with small scales.

Whether you know? Despite the seeming slowness, fighters-sumoisty very mobile, besides they have an excellent extension. You will be able to estimate it, looking at how low they squat in an initial position before a fight. The squats of the same name are one of indispensable elements of their trainings: they carry out it with a smooth stone which is held on outstretched arms. Weight of a stone, and, above all inconvenience of the successful fellow, difficulties to an element add.

Several words should be told about precautionary measures:

  1. Leaving in a starting position, it is not necessary to straighten legs completely. First, it constitutes danger to your knee joints, secondly, at completely straightened legs the main muscles are excluded from work.
  2. For the correct performance follow simple advice: the knee has to move in the direction of foot, but not to go beyond a sock. The equipment is extremely important — to work more effectively with smaller weight, but it is correct, than to take bigger weight and to make mistakes from the technical point of view.
  3. More surely to stand on the feet, your look has to be directed directly before itself, it is possible slightly up.

Now you know about all subtleties of the technology of performance of squats of sumo. It is important to remember that besides desire and knowledge of the technology of performance of an element there are two more necessary conditions for achievement of success - it is yours patience and persistence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team