As it is correct to do stanovy draft of sumo

As it is correct to do stanovy draft of sumo

There are several types of stanovy draft of a bar — general exercise of the majority of power disciplines: powerlifting, crossfit and others. Any bodybuilder will not ignore this exercise in its different variations. In any gym it is possible to meet the person who is carrying out all well-known classical stanovy. And here about so-called draft of sumo, the wide range of fans knows less.

The majority of muscles of the back side of our body is involved in stanovy draft of sumo.

  1. The main loading is the share of popliteal sinews and buttocks. Because of widely placed legs these groups work more actively, than at classical option. Work of a quadriceps directly depends on distance on which you are able to place legs.
  2. The taking-away hip muscles — one more group of muscles which actively works at draft of sumo.
  3. Well and, of course, hands, they keep weight.

Important! Before performance of stanovy draft of sumo it is necessary to warm up carefully vnutribyoderny muscles at various provisions of a leg. So the training will take place more productively, and the risk of getting injured will be minimized.

As for work of additional muscles, it is possible to mention almost all back muscles. Because of data of shovels on amplitude maximum, trapezoid muscles are well studied. It is necessary to mention also femoral sgibatel and muscles of an abdominal press.

At first several words about purely visual difference of classical stanovy draft from sumo. In classics the athlete establishes legs at shoulder length and does hold in hands so that each brush appeared on a signature stamp between pancake and the leg of the same name.

That is: the distance between hands on a signature stamp is always more, than distance between the athlete's stupnyam. When the athlete squats, his knees appear between forearms.

Learn how to do stanovy draft on direct legs.

In sumo of a leg are widely placed, socks look in the parties (knees are directed there), the successful fellow of a signature stamp is carried out by the hands which are between legs. In the lower point (when the bar lies on a floor), forearms are located between knees.

Video: what the stanovy draft classical differs in and sumo It is impossible to answer unambiguously a question, what is better: sumo or classics. And that, and other approach has the features, pluses and minuses. It is possible only to try to understand some of them.

It is easier for unexperienced athletes to execute classical stanovy as technology of its execution is simpler. Classics — exercise, more natural to joints. On the other hand, sumo also has certain advantages to beginners.

In classical draft because distance between stupnyam small, the center of gravity of a body is rather highly. This circumstance becomes the reason that at extension of a trunk the most part of loading is the share of a waist.

Whether you know? In 1984 the powerlifting was included in the list of sports disciplines of Paraolimpiysky games.

At beginners the physical training quite often leaves much to be desired. Respectively, at slightly incorrectly executed classical draft, especially together with bad warm-up, occupations on it can end, having led to a trauma of the lower departments of a backbone. Feature of draft of sumo are widely placed legs — therefore, the center of gravity of a trunk is lowered. Load of a waist is significantly reduced that considerably reduces possible risk of getting injured.

  • sumo puts vnutribyoderny muscles, and to a lesser extent buttocks into operation more;
  • classics gives boomerang effect: the activity vnutribyoderny decreases, involving buttock more.

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It is the best of all to combine and alternate, of course, these two styles, in them practically the same muscles, work only with different degree of loading.

From it muscles feel shock — a necessary condition for growth of muscle bulk. Besides, alternation as a result gives the maximum and approximately equal load and buttock and vnutribyoderny muscles.

It is necessary to begin with good warm-up. If earlier you did not practice this type of draft, it is especially carefully necessary to knead vnutribyoderny area as it will work more actively, than at usual option.

  1. Approach the bar lying on a floor. Put legs so that they were at the distance, greatest possible for you, but at the same time you have to surely (taking into account operating weight) to stand on the feet.
  2. Socks have to be slightly placed in the parties, knees are directed in the area of socks.
  3. Bend a waist, clasp a signature stamp (the successful fellow differs in nothing from classical). Basic value has no appearance of the successful fellow: direct, the return, heteronymic — arrive as it is more convenient to you, and sit down.
  4. The sharp movement, doing a push by legs, unbend the case. All work is made by your legs and buttocks. The back direct, a waist is bent (a trapeze and razgibatel are put into operation), and hands only hold a shell.
  5. At the time of achievement by a bar of height of knees, earn additionally a basin and shovels (move towards each other). Respectively, shoulders will leave back.
  6. For additional loading, especially on deltas, you do not hurry to relax shovels, detain them in such position for 2–3 seconds.
  7. Return to an initial position.

Video: technology of performance of stanovy draft of sumo In this exercise is extremely important technology of performance — it more difficult, than in classical draft. Emphasis should be put on the correct equipment.

Important! For the answer to a question what draft is better — stanovy or classical, it is necessary to proceed from concrete anthropometrical data: classics is good for the athletes who are not differing in high growth, or having some surplus of weight. And here gives to high athletes of sumo certain advantages, due to decrease in amplitude of the movement and a possibility of rise in bigger weight.

There are several techniques for increase in weight with which you will be able to work in draft of sumo. It is necessary to tell about them in more detail.

To work with big weight, it is necessary to give to a shell the necessary acceleration, that is breakthrough. For development of breakthrough it is necessary to train such element as explosive power of legs.

  • zaprygivaniye from the place on a curbstone;
  • squats with a stop (4–6 sec.) below;
  • standing jumps in length.

Now about back muscles. As it becomes clear from the description of the equipment, longitudinal muscles of a back and a trapeze are rather actively included in exercise performance.

Whether you know? An absolute world record-holder in stanovy draft is the Englishman of Eddie Hall. on July 9, 2016 he set a record — 500 kg.

  • shrag;
  • giperekstenziya;
  • inclinations with cargo;
  • thirst of dumbbells for a chin.

There is one more approach for increase in operating weight: change of height of raising of a shell — increase (a bar on a floor, you on a podium 8-12 cm high) or reduction — you on a floor, a shell on a podium.

  1. In the first option (the increased amplitude) legs are more loaded that allows to train them explosive power. In that case it is necessary to work with scales approximately 1/4 less than usual operating weight.
  2. When performing of the shortened draft the back is loaded more actively. In such option of exercise it is possible to take weight approximately 1/4 more than usual. Such practice, besides direct physical activity, gives good psychological effect — the athlete morally prepares for work with weight more than with what he works usually.

Several words about the mistakes peculiar to beginners and also about nuances which will help with exercise performance.

We advise to esteem how to do the Romanian draft with a bar.

  1. For performance of stanovy draft the suitable footwear is necessary. It has to have a thin sole and carry out rigid coupling with a surface. Even the minimum reduction of amplitude which the thin sole gives can bring some bonuses. Wrestling shoes will become the excellent decision, and here shtangetka more will be suitable for other exercises with a bar.
  2. Long distance from a shell to legs. This circumstance complicates control and coordination of a body. Because of the lever of big length, the bar will move you.
  3. Belt of the weightlifter and strap. It is better to avoid to use these objects of equipment. They are really capable to give advantage in several kilograms, however this advantage will be got to the detriment of the equipment.
  4. You do not seek to place strongly legs, it can lead to stretching. Have legs so that surely to stand on them and to carry out exercise.
  5. The back cannot be rounded at all. The back constantly has to be a straight line, with an easy deflection in a waist.
  1. Do not try to sit down deeply before exercise performance, it will be more difficult to you to execute draft. Besides quadriceps are more involved in such situation, and you work on other groups now.
  2. Constantly exercise control of your movements. For this purpose it is better for beginner to be engaged in front of the mirror. Take a break between repetitions that the equipment did not suffer from the taken speed. You remember: the equipment is more important than weight and the number of repetitions.
  3. The majority of exercises on muscles of a back involve legs and vice versa. Therefore carry in time of a training of these groups, in order to avoid excessive loadings. For example: train a back on Tuesday, and load legs on Saturday.
  4. If you are only going to enter draft of sumo into the program of trainings, try to begin with 90% of your maximum operating weight. Will be to execute 4–6 repetitions of exercise enough.

Draft of sumo — excellent exercise for a training of muscles of a bottom of a trunk. Studying practically the same zones, as classical option of exercise, only with a little other accent, it can become both your main type of draft, and addition of classics. This exercise can also become a solution for those who do not do classics because of painful feelings in the lower department of a backbone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team