As it is correct to do the Bulgarian squats

As it is correct to do the Bulgarian squats

The Bulgarian squats — one of the main exercises for muscles of legs. Let's consider technology of performance of this exercise and possible mistakes which can arise in process.

What muscles work

This exercise involves muscles of front and back surfaces of a hip and also connects muscles of buttocks and a quadriceps. As this exercise is carried out with dumbbells, hands also get into gear. And if to work with a bar of big weight, then under influence also back muscles get.

Exercise merits and demerits

The Bulgarian squats can seem difficult for performance by beginners, but, nevertheless, they have the mass of advantages:

  1. Allow to work muscles of legs more effectively.
  2. Contribute to the development of flexibility of a basin.
  3. Train balance.
  4. Houses allow to be engaged, using a bed or a chair instead of a bench.

It is possible to refer to shortcomings only complexity of performance of exercise which turns into experience over time.

Important! It is contraindicated to people who have problems with knee joints to carry out this exercise.


Squats can be carried out with various shells, for example, with dumbbells, a bar, the weight. With their help it is possible to make hip muscles volume and to give them the relief form. Dumbbells as they do not give such big load of muscles as a bar best of all will be suitable for beginners.

Technology of performance

Before starting performance of squats, it is necessary to warm up knees and an ankle, the main loading is the share of them. Jumps on a jump rope, walking on the place, usual squats will be suitable for warm-up, it is possible to execute easy jog.

Learn how it is correct to do frontal squats with a bar.

After that it is possible to pass directly to exercise performance:

  1. Take dumbbells in both hands and get up to a bench a back.
  2. Take a wide step forward the left or right leg, put the second leg on a bench. Keep balance, you hold a back directly.
  3. Now sit down on the leg pushed forward that it was parallel to a floor, and you watch that the knee did not go beyond a foot sock. Make a start from a floor and return to a starting position.

Video: technology of performance of the Bulgarian squats Carry out 3–5 approaches from 10-15 by repetitions. The respite between approaches has to make 1 minute. If it is necessary to increase loading, take dumbbells heavier.

Whether you know? To achieve bigger result in growth of muscles, in 20 minutes before a training it is possible to drink protein cocktail. Products which contain many carbohydrates and proteins have to enter it. For example, it is possible to mix in the blender milk, cottage cheese, honey, bananas, oat flakes, egg whites. There will be enough one glass before a training.

Typical mistakes of beginners

The most widespread mistake of beginners is the wrong selection of weight of shells. Begin to be engaged with shells easier, gradually increasing loading. Pay also attention to deduction of balance and do not forget to hold a back directly. If to be engaged in such squats every day, then it is possible to achieve good results, having given the beautiful form and relief to legs and buttocks. Main thing: it is correct to distribute loading and to adhere to technology of performance of exercises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team