As it is correct to do thirst of a bar for a chin (broach)

As it is correct to do thirst of a bar for a chin (broach)

Has to be, in an arsenal of each visitor of gym there are several favourite exercises. But at the same time there are also those which are just ignored. Often among them there is a thirst of a bar for a chin. So occurs because this exercise is often underestimated though it does not concede by efficiency to many other receptions.

What muscles are involved

Raising of a bar to a chin involves several joints in work and helps to work deltoid and trapezoid muscles — they are the main.

Load of such muscles is in parallel carried out:

  • front delta;
  • top of chest;
  • bicepses;
  • nadostny and gear muscles.

This that exercise that swings muscles not only chest, but also practically all back.

It is important! To raise load of trapezes, it is necessary to lift burdening as much as possible up.

Advantage and harm of exercise

Thirst of a bar for a chin — useful exercise for those people who play professional sports. The main pluses of this equipment in the following:

  1. Study of a relief of muscles. This method of work with a body will become irreplaceable in case you prepare for bodybuilding or fitness competitions. Exercise will help to increase weight and to make more relief average and top parts of trapezes and also an average bunch of a deltoid muscle. After the frequent trainings of border between these sites will become more expressive.
  2. Improvement of sports results. Raising of a bar is especially useful to those who in view of features of the sport have to push the rival, for example, fight or the American soccer. Also it will help to coordinate muscle work that is irreplaceable for gymnasts.
  3. Helps to hold a bearing. Especially it is relevant for girls who often neglect study of the top part of a trunk. Exercise will help to make a bearing of more graceful and to create the straightened shoulders, at the same time you should not be afraid that they will become wider.

Despite a number of advantages, you should not forget also about dangers of performance of draft by a bar, among them:

  1. Injuries of shoulders. Shoulder joints of the person rather gentle therefore load of them, similar to this exercise, can become the cause of a subacromial syndrome. At the same time the shovel puts pressure upon the capsule of a shoulder joint that leads to pain during a hand raising.
  2. Spine injuries. If you carry out exercise in the morning, then it is worth being especially careful. Muscles are not ready to loadings, especially in a sitting position yet. At the same time load of a backbone increases that is fraught with injuries.

Whether you know? Not so long ago practically nobody knew about this exercise. Exercise became popular only since 1982, during the sports competition in Olympia the victory was gained by the low-perceptible athlete Dzhimmson. Faultlessly traced deltas of a trapeze what he achieved thanks to thirst of a bar for a chin became a secret of its success.

As it is correct to do

Pledge of a beautiful body and health after performance even of the most difficult exercises is the choice of the correct loading and its competent distribution.

What successful fellow: wide, narrow or average

To distribute the maximum load on average deltas and top of trapezes, it will be best of all to take a bar the average successful fellow. Later several approaches the shoulders will become wider, and it will be noticeable. But there is one minus — such reception is extremely inconvenient for many athletes in performance. During exercise making by narrow hold the draft of a bar makes considerable impact on an average and back bunch of the delta. This type of exercise is most dangerous as amplitude of the movement is reduced, and it is possible to injure a shoulder joint. At narrow hold the shell has effect generally on the front delta, bicepses and trapezes.

It is important! To avoid injuries owing to performance of classical exercise, it is better to do a similar complex with dumbbells. It will be safer.

Technology of performance

In many respects the result depends also on the equipment which performance it is worth treating with special attention. For good effectiveness first of all it is necessary to understand as well as that needs to be done during draft with a bar:

  1. It is initially necessary to take correctly a bar from above that brushes were slightly already, than width of shoulders. Then to rise exactly, holding a signature stamp with halfbent hands at height of hips.
  2. Legs stand at shoulder length, the back should be held exactly, but it is necessary to cave in a little in a waist. The look is directed directly.
  3. At first make a breath, then on an exhalation lift a shell to a chin. At the same time try to involve only deltoid muscles, but not hands. During exercise the hands have to be raised up and disperse in the parties above forearms. A bar it is worth disposing most close to a body, it has to move in parallel. The building at the same time equal and static, that is it is necessary to try to keep it from fluctuations in the parties.
  4. Shoulders are weakened and lowered down to start in work of the delta.
  5. Not to allow a trauma, wrists need to be held exactly, not to bend them.
  6. At the moment when the bar is at the level of a chin, the elbows have to be most raised. In this situation it is worth being late for 1–2 seconds then smoothly and exactly to lower a shell, having brought a body into a starting position.
  7. Before the following approach make a deep breath and start anew.

Councils and recommendations

Having come to the hall for the first time, it is ideal to hold a training - it is almost unreal task. Mistakes accompany any beginner. And it is possible to avoid them, only if you foreknow what to prepare for.

Whether you know? At first the draft of a bar was executed only in ryvkovy style that led to increase in risk of getting injured. This style was not faced by a task to build back muscles, it was designed to help to overcome the lower phase of the movement.

Frequent mistakes of beginners

Most often athletes who face draft of a bar for the first time make several slips:

  1. Excessive weight. In that case your body will begin to twitch, and normal raising of a bar will become impossible. It is not necessary to overestimate himself, and it is better to remove several pancakes from a bar.
  2. Bearing. Costing that you work with weight, already means a direct bearing. Position of a body needs to be controlled constantly therefore before performance of draft be convinced that a correct posture.
  3. Bar it is far from a body. Weight has to slide kind of on a body during a raising and lowering of a shell, and your case should not tend in the parties. Otherwise the waist and average deltas that would not happen at the correct performance will be loaded too strongly.

In spite of the fact that exercise rather simple, it has also several secrets which will help to make a training of the most effective.

Important! It is enough to beginners to make 3–4 approaches till 6-12 of repetitions. Gradually their quantity can be increased.

Secrets and subtleties of performance

The following recommendations will help to achieve desirable result to you:

  • the case always has to be located exactly;
  • position of elbows is of great importance — they have to be located most highly over a signature stamp;
  • always for couple of seconds detain a bar in the highest point;
  • the bar needs to be lowered smoothly, without throwing it;
  • objectively estimate the weight accepted for you, otherwise exercise will be inefficient;
  • good alternative to a bar are dumbbells, they are less traumatic;
  • to hold a signature stamp when using big weight, the help of straps is allowed;
  • for bigger load of trapezes it is possible to use narrow hold;
  • the wide successful fellow pumps over deltoid muscles and reduces risk of developing of injuries of shoulder;
  • before performance of draft of a bar carefully warm up shoulders.

Video: the thirst of a bar for a chin This exercise will perfectly add an arsenal of any athlete.

Learn as it is correct to do dead draft with a bar, to lift a bar on a biceps, to do the Romanian draft with a bar and to pull a bar in an inclination.

At the correct use it will help you to create a beautiful bearing and lines of back muscles, the main thing is to belong to a training responsibly and to try not to make mistakes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team