As it is correct to do warm-up before the sports training

As it is correct to do warm-up before the sports training

Beginners in sport sometimes I forget about such important part of occupation as warm-up. And it difficult someone's whim or the ceremony, and the important component of the training. Without high-quality warm-up it won't turn out to achieve good results and the probability to be traumatized increases many times.

Why warm-up is necessary?

Carrying out warm-up before any physical activity – is obligatory. It helps to warm muscles and to prepare the organism for the forthcoming loadings. If warm-up is done well, on some parts of the body temperature can rise considerably. It does fabrics less vulnerable to stretchings and injuries. DuringDuring warm-up the heartbeat becomes more frequent, blood circulation becomes better, pressure increases. All set of exercises for warm-up can be divided into two parts conditionally: the main and special.

Exercises for the main warm-up

The main part of warm-up has to be carried out before any exercise stresses: gym, fitness, power training, etc. In the gym in quality of training of the organism it is recommended to work on the racetrack. It is one of optimal variants to force all body to work and warm up. At run will the maximum quantity of muscles is involved, will work one and all and also there will be the training of breath and heart. Preparation of the body is recommended to be begun with fast walking on the track, gradually increasing the pace, 7-10 minutes of run – optimum time for warm-up.

Quite good option of preparation of the organism for loadings – jumps on the jump rope and walking on the elliptic exercise machine. And here to you it isn't necessary to choose the exercise bike or the stepper as assistants at warm-up. They study only the lower body, and other muscles remain not warmed. After the warming up on some exercise machine it is necessary to do warm-up for joints. It can be rotary exercises. It is recommended to begin them with the neck. Several head movements in different directions will be enough. Then it is possible to pass to shoulders. They need to be lifted several times up-down, and then to take away 5 times back and as much forward. It is necessary to warm up the thorax, elbows, brushes, the waist, knee joints, ankles further. All this becomes fluent rotary motions, without breakthroughs not to be traumatized.

Exercises for special warm-up

It is optional to do these exercises, but it is desirable, especially if the power training with study of specific group of muscles is planned. When performing the second part of warm-up all movements need to be done quickly and vigorously that the body was as much as possible warmed. Rotary motions and arms swings, pullings up, push-ups from the floor, or from the support, the extension of legs – the main exercises for this part of warm-up. Special attention needs to be paid to those muscles which will strain at the training. By the way, athletes with the experience advise not to neglect high-quality warm-up before exercise stresses. According to them, it is better to warm up properly without training, than to begin occupations without warm-up.

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