As it is correct to fall on skis, skates and the snowboard

As it is correct to fall on skis, skates and the snowboard

Driving from hillsides on skis and the snowboard, sliding on the smooth surface of the skating rink on skates – all this gives us the storm of positive emotions and … grazes, fractures, bruises and stretchings. But troubles can be avoided if to follow simple rules of conduct during doing winter sports.

Even at professional skiers, snowboarders and skaters of occupation sometimes come to an end with injuries. What to tell about fans and beginners! Also there will be half the problem if cheerful time forwarding ends with the common bruise or stretching. Very often beginners appear on the hospital bed with head injuries, changes. To provoke falling and the trauma incorrectly picked up equipment, obstacles in the track, collisions or just insufficiently hardly tightened laces on ski boots or skates can.

Advice to skiers

Bindings of skis have to be adjusted by the professional – too hard won't be undone when falling, and then the risk will be high to break the leg or to get hit lyzhiny on the head or the body. And if bindings weak, then skis can just fly to descent time that is also fraught with injuries.

It is necessary to put on the complete protective set – the helmet, knee pads, special overlays for hips. But even if the helmet is put on, when falling it is necessary to try to clasp the head with hands not to allow the hard shot about the slope surface.

During descent it is necessary to control speed and not to disperse strongly. Beginners aren't recommended to go down from high slopes.

It is necessary to fall correctly. Ski sticks need to try to be rejected as it is possible further, densely to press hands to the body, but not to extend them before itself.

How to fall to snowboarders

Snowboarders go down on the slope sideways, and the main loading is necessary, as a rule, on ahead the standing leg. When falling the first strike is the share just of this leg and the tailbone, the back. When falling the snowboarder has to curl up in the kalachik, receive the embryo pose.

The elementary attentiveness on the track will help to avoid falling from the wonderful board. At turn it is necessary to look round – whether there is no risk to cut other athlete.

It is possible to stop only facing the slope to be convinced that still someone afterwards doesn't go down. To rise up or it is necessary to have a rest on the roadside of the track, but not in the middle.

The leading leg has to be fixed on the snowboard by the special rope which won't allow it "to escape" from the owner during descent.

Advice to fans of skates

The beginning fans of skates need to put on the protective set before the exit to ice.

Boots need to be laced up correctly: fingers have to be rather "free", and here the ankle and rise – hardly pulled together with the lacing. Insufficiently strapped ankle joint deprives of balance, and even enough experienced skaters.

At the movement of the leg in knees have to be halfbent, and the case – is inclined forward. Such postural pose will help to avoid injuries of the head and backbone when falling.

If to fall on skates, then to fall sideways. In case of falling it is necessary to relax as much as possible the body forward and to try to imitate movements of the small fish, having substituted as the support runners from palms and forearms. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team