As it is correct to gain weight

As it is correct to gain weight

Not to be thin the percher and to become similar to handsome, beefy guys, it is necessary to have improbable desire to achieve the objective, well and, of course, to study the subject as it is correct to gain weight. People who are completely given to the business always achieve desirable result.

The belief in result is very important. It is so easier to go on the way. It is easy to gain weight! All restrictions only in the head. There are three components of effective set of weight, it: 65% - food, trainings - 30% and rest - 5%. 

How to eat to gain weight

Correctly to gain weight, your daily diet has to consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The most effective will be if you distribute them so: 50% - carbohydrates, 40% of proteins and 10% of fats.

Proteins are what our muscles consist of. The most well acquired and inexpensive products from which proteins will come to our organism are: eggs, chicken breasts, cottage cheese, low-fat fish.

Eggs - the cheapest and easily acquired protein source. They are best of all acquired in the boiled look, but if you can't eat them in the large number boiled, then you can absorb crude. But consider that at consumption of crude eggs only 60% are acquired.

Carbohydrates are for us the energy source. They can be received from different grain, such as rice, porridge, buckwheat. Still good sources of carbohydrates to be pasta from firm grades of wheat and sour cream.

As for fats, they are present at yachny yolks, fish and meat. Having eaten the standard daily rate of products, most likely, you receive with them 10% of fats. But if you consider that you couldn't use necessary amount of fats, then you can use in addition cod-liver oil or linseed oil.

It is correct to gain weight without trainings it is impossible

If you aren't engaged with iron, then all your calories which you consume, during meal will begin to go to fat, but not to so muscles necessary to us.

It is the best of all to train for the set of muscle bulk on 3 times a week as if you do it more often, then your organism it won't be simple to manage to be restored. And if to be engaged less, then you just won't manage to train all groups of muscles for 1-2 trainings.

It is possible to work both with general exercises, and with insulating. It is necessary to work with such scales that you could do from 8 to 12 repetitions in 4 approaches. Break the trainings for the week so that you trained in one day one big group of muscles and small. Monday: breast and biceps. Wednesday: legs and shoulders. Friday: back and triceps.

Leisure. From it, of course, you won't notice strong growth, but if you go to bed at least at 12 o'clock, but not to sit up behind series till the morning, then progress won't keep itself waiting. It is correct to gain weight it is possible only combining food, trainings and rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team