As it is correct to jump on the jump rope

As it is correct to jump on the jump rope

Jumps on the jump rope – excellent aerobic exercise which not only strengthens muscles of legs but also trains heart and promotes disposal of excess weight. That trainings were more effective, it is necessary to learn to jump, do correctly warm-up, to defend the legs, to be engaged at the certain pace.

How to be prepared for jumps on the jump rope?

Jumps on the jump rope can replace any other aerobic exercises: run, swimming, occupations on cardiovascular machines. They also promote disposal of excess fat, the training of many muscles of the body, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, increase in endurance. Besides, it is more cheerful and more interesting, than monotonous run or boring exercises on exercise machines.

Any aerobic training has to last at least thirty minutes for achievement of the best effect, it is desirable – from forty minutes to the hour. Pace at the same time has to be quite slow that pulse didn't reach the maximum values, and the person could talk. If you want to save time, carry out interval trainings – they aren't less useful, but much quicker. It means that it is necessary to alternate the periods of high loading to rest or small loading. It is desirable to jump on the jump rope every other day: to not thicket that the organism managed to be restored, and at least, differently advantage will be less.

Buy the good jump rope: expensive models aren't confused, have high durability, aren't overwound. Qualitative jump ropes are made of leather and linen, but from plastic will approach too – they cut air better therefore it is possible to jump quicker. If you want to train not only legs, but also hands, find the jump rope with heavy handles. Surely prepare suitable footwear even if you jump at home. It have to be sneakers with special to the depreciation sole. It is possible to train barefoot on the soft surface, it isn't so harmful, as on the firm floor.

How to jump on the jump rope?

Before jumping on the jump rope, surely make small warm-up. It is possible to be run, warm up a few joints, to jump on the place. The first training has to be simple and short. At first it is enough to carry out usual jumps on average pace. At the same time you hold elbows pressed to the body, move only hands which have to be at the level of the waist, and you hold the back directly. Land on toes, but not all foot at once – otherwise the joint receive big loading, and injuries are possible. Stop when you begin to choke, and it will be difficult to you to tell something. Gradually increase pace and duration of exercises. Master new movements: jumps on one leg, with high lifting of knees, with crossing. The most difficult – jumps with double or threefold scrolling of the jump rope. If you decided to be engaged intervalno, then at first the ratio between exercises and rest has to make 2:1, for example, two minutes of jumps and four minutes of rest. Gradually increase time of exercises until the ratio becomes 1:1. More trained athletes can alternate difficult jumps at fast pace and ordinary slow jumps.

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