As it is correct to play bowling

As it is correct to play bowling

Bowling – the sports game which essence is in bringing down the started pin sphere, established at the end of the track. Took the modern form of bowling at the end of the 19th century, and the game in pins was its prototype.


1. Choose the sphere suitable for you as your chances to win will depend on it. Each sphere has three openings for the average, anonymous and the thumb – they have to be ideal for you by the size that the sphere easily slid off the hand, and at the same time you hadn't to squeeze strongly it when keeping. As a rule, for girls spheres from 8 to 10 sizes, and are suitable for guys, respectively, it is heavier.

2. Receive the correct stance. Recede 4 steps from the line of the foul. As a rule, before the track there are special points serving as the reference point to start steps. Become exactly, put legs together. The right hand with which you hold the sphere bend at an angle 90 degrees so that the brush with the sphere looked at you and was parallel to the floor. Hold with the left hand the sphere a little.

3. Execute the correct message of the sphere. For this purpose take 4 steps, having begun with the right leg. During them you have to lower the left hand, straighten right with the sphere and get it for the back for the message. The last step is carried out before the line of the foul the left leg, at the same time you slightly squat on the left leg and send the sphere to the center of the triangle from the pin. The right leg at the same time has to remain the straight line and be behind, behind the left leg.

4. Try to bring down as the bigger number the pin from the first is possible. Therefore it is necessary to aim in the center of the triangle from the pin. However at the message of the sphere it is better to look not at pins, and at the special arrows drawn in the beginning tracks. If from the first to kick out the strike (10th pin) it didn't turn out, the second time it is necessary to bring down the remained pins.

5. The game consists of 10 rounds (feym), on each of them the participant is given 2 attempts of the message of the sphere. After each round or the strike of the pin are exposed again. In the final round the player can receive additional, third attempt of the message of the sphere if it kicked out the strike or completely missed. At the end of the game the total number of points at each participant is counted.

6. Total amount of points on the end of the game consists of quantity brought down by the pin and bonuses. For the strike, for example, there are 10 balls and the bonus equal to quantity brought down by the pin in the subsequent two divings.

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