As it is correct to ride the bicycle

As it is correct to ride the bicycle

For fans of rapid movement the bicycle was invented. Besides that on it it is possible to gather high speed, it also is ecologically safe. Besides driving this vehicle strengthens the organism, the muscular system of the back and legs and also allows to fight against excess weight. It is necessary to ride the bike so that to receive the maximum of advantage and pleasure.


1. During driving the bicycle glance over the surrounding landscape to estimate possible obstacles. Paying attention to details, predict whether you will cope with the coming barriers: buyeraka, big pools, hollows. If you don't treat thrill-seekers, it is better to choose the line of least resistance.

2. Being guided on the area unfamiliar to you, reduce the speed of driving or stop. In the course of driving the bicycle on city streets concentration, concentration, ability to maneuver, keep an eye at the same time on the set of details – from maneuvers of other cyclists to road signs is important.

3. If from long driving at you brushes, elbows and shoulders ached, check whether bicycle wheel width is sufficient. Hands have to be located on it approximately on the line of shoulders. If the wheel is wider, it is desirable to pick up another, narrower. When you go by bicycle, look at the wrists. When they are strongly curved down, it is bad as such their situation can lead to appearance of pain or trauma. Hands need to be held thus as if you cut bread. In this situation there have to be wrists when driving the bicycle.

4. Elbows have to be weakened and slightly bent. It isn't necessary to lean on them and also to stick out them in the parties. From time to time change the arm position, reducing or increasing the corner in elbows, rearranging brushes. It will allow to prevent flowing of the body and to remove stress from the waist.

5. In case you inconveniently sit by bicycle, there can be back pains. It is quite possible if the frame of your vehicle is too big or small. Besides, the waist hurts also at too vertical landing. That to avoid it, try to change the postural pose every 10-15 minutes: transferring at rise the main weight to hands, bending during descent stronger.

6. It is periodically useful to get down from the bicycle and to walk quickly, rolling it near itself. It will allow you to relax the back and to improve blood circulation in those places which flow when driving. If on the difficult site it is necessary you with effort to press on the pedal, overcome it on foot.

7. For weight loss of the pedal of the bicycle it is necessary to twist quickly, however it shouldn't be with the last bit of strength. The option of torsion of pedals with effort suits more those who want to train muscles of the front part of the hip.

8. When driving the bicycle try not to bend the neck. You watch that it formed one line with the back, otherwise you will worsen blood supply and the headache will develop. As for the helmet for cycling, it is necessary not so much for professionals (generally they get injured on the upper and lower extremities), how many beginners. At any time there is the opportunity to run into the pole or, for example, the Yorkshire terrier who got under the wheels.

9. Also it is worth learning to fall correctly from the bicycle, from this trouble nobody is insured. When falling it is necessary to be grouped, and having reached the earth, it is necessary to make several somersaults by inertia.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team