As it is correct to roller-skate

As it is correct to roller-skate

Rollers, or roller skates – the great view of sport for people of any gender, age and the level of physical training. Skating strengthens muscles, lightens the mood, gives the chance to actively have a rest and strengthen health.

It is required to you

  • - rollers;
  • - protective wear.


1. Take yourself for the rule: always to put on the defense. Don't hope for the fortress of your hands and legs – asphalt is all the same stronger. During training in driving, frequent falling which can be reflected in bones, ligaments and muscles are inevitable, having brought big problems in the future. Also skilled fans of rollers aren't insured from falling. Even serious professional athletes don't ride without knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and the helmet. Don't forget also densely, but it isn't strong, to clasp skates. The weak fastener of bindings increases load of muscles of legs, distracts attention, prevents development of the technology of driving.

2. Occupy the correct stance: push one leg forward on the half of fad, slightly incline the case forward, place legs on width of shoulders and bend in knees a little. Bending of the case will allow to fall at loss of balance on hands forward. The correct arrangement of legs will help to hold balance and to avoid falling after hit of the accidental subject under the wheel. The bent legs not only will soften road roughnesses, but also will allow to react quickly to unexpected situations, to control the course of skates and to avoid falling in the parties.

3. Be not afraid of falling. Small children quicker than adults learn to ride just because are afraid to fall less. Fear, excessive relaxation or enslaving – the main reasons of falling from rollers. If you fall, try to fall exactly forward. Falling is most convenient in terms of protection against its consequences forward and equipment is calculated on such type of falling. If to fall back, the big threat for the backbone and the head is created.

4. Roller-skating, in advance count the speed of the movement proceeding from possible obstacles, qualities of the paving, the possibility of emergence of cars, passersby or children. Unlike the bicycle or skis, at high speeds on rollers it is almost impossible to make sharp maneuver or to slow down urgently. For this reason don't ride from hills until in perfection you don't master methods of braking and throw-out of speed.

5. Be accurate on the wet and melted from the heat asphalt. On the wet road don't do abrupt movements and maneuvers, be ready to slipping of skates, you monitor movement of body weight from one leg on another. On the melted asphalt prepare that wheels can slow down that will lead to falling forward.

6. Don't ride on pools. The water getting under the platform and to bearings, dirt and sand are capable to put in several hours out of action rollers. Yes so that even wheels on skates will cease to be turned. Therefore go round pools or you pass on foot so that wheels didn't rotate. After pedestrian speeding up of the pool shake off wheels, having knocked with rollers on asphalt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team