As it is correct to shake

As it is correct to shake

If you came to gym to be pumped up, then it is important to acquire several rules. The mistakes made on the first steps can significantly slow down your progress then. In case of doubts it isn't necessary to be afraid to consult on the coach or more skilled colleagues.

Sometimes teenagers seek to gain muscle bulk. But if you aren't 14 years old yet, then don't hurry to perform power exercises. Bones to this age still quite plastic therefore heavy weight can lead to irreversible consequences. It is necessary to train without burdenings, it is the best of all to be engaged on horizontal bars and bars. Body weight – only admissible burdening.

As you gain weight, you have to consume more, than spend. Therefore it is necessary to increase the caloric content of the diet. The amount of proteinaceous food should be brought to 30%, on fats to leave about 10%, the rest – carbohydrates.

It is regularly necessary to eat, and it is necessary to do it much more often than earlier. It is necessary to eat food approximately each 4 hours, at the same time, to avoid some fast food and the "wrong" having a snack better, it is better to eat not sandwich, and it is a little nuts or fruit if there is no opportunity normally to eat. Within the hour after the training it is necessary to eat something with the high content of protein. Frequent meals allow to disperse the metabolism, and after that muscles will quicker grow. As the main source of food for them just also serves proteinaceous food.

At the training perform general exercises and avoid isolating. Increase loading gradually, you don't seek to take at once big weight and to make many repetitions. The fact is that for the set of weight you will need to increase loading, and difficultly to make it if you at once took the maximum. Train not too often. Hour or one and a half 3 time a week – quite enough. Don't forget about all muscles. For example, quite often bodybuilders don't pay attention to the back, and without it progress significantly slows down or even stops.

Muscles grow not during the training, and during rest. For this reason you shouldn't train too often. You remember the sleep pattern. It is necessary to sleep 9-11 hours how many it is required to whom. You have to wake up well rested and full of strength. The sufficient dream – the indispensable condition for growth of muscle bulk. If there is the opportunity to have a rest during the day, it will be not superfluous too.

Create the diary in which you will write down trainings, the fact that you eat also changes. It is useful for the analysis of own actions and identification of mistakes. Thanks to the diary you will always know what exercises to do today and also how many it is necessary to have a rest. It is important to note how many in the day you ate the squirrel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team