As it is correct to squat with a bar to the girl

As it is correct to squat with a bar to the girl

Opinions on advantage of squats with a bar for girls at experts differed. Some consider that to expedite them it is possible to correct a silhouette of legs and buttocks only if desired. Others categorically against exercise of a such type as together with increase in gluteuses also quadriceps grow, turning legs into mannish. Both those, and others are partly right. Extent of development of muscles depends on intensity of trainings and weight of a bar. In more detail for women we will tell about features of squat further.

What squats give to girls

Inclusion in the program of trainings of squat will help to solve such problems with a bar:

  1. To correct a bearing. It is correct to execute prisest it is possible only at the developed shoulders, the tightened belt and an equal back.
  2. To strengthen press muscles. Being in static state constantly, cross muscles of a stomach become stronger quicker.
  3. To reduce cardioloading, thanks to more intensive waste of calories.
  4. To improve exchange processes due to involvement of a large number of muscles.
  5. Regular trainings stimulate production of hormone of growth.
  6. To improve blood circulation in a pelvic zone.

What muscles are involved

The main muscles getting into gear at squat with a bar are:

  • average and big buttock;
  • chetyryokhglavy;
  • quadriceps;
  • hip biceps;
  • the bringing hip muscles;
  • sural.

Important! It is possible to solve the listed problems only at observance of all rules when performing exercise. Otherwise it is easy to be traumatized.

Except them, work:

  • direct and oblique muscles of a stomach;
  • muscles along a backbone;
  • square muscle of a waist;
  • talocrural.

As it is correct to do squats with a bar to girls

If you the beginner, then it is necessary to choose technology of squat only with the trainer. Nevertheless it will be useful to master some rules.

Setting of legs and depth of a squat

That the squat was correct, it is necessary to put legs at shoulder length and to part socks. Try to sit down a little. If patellae during performance of action look inside or body weight is transferred to socks, then adjust statement, convenient for you, a foot. To understand what has to be squat depth, it is necessary to rise sideways near a mirror and to sit down.

In the lower point your basin has to be taken away back, to form hips with calves the right angle, a back equal and bent in a waist, the case is a little inclined forward. For definition of a tilt angle of the case approach a wall and get up at distance of 10-15 centimeters facing it. Sit down. Your knees and a nose have to rest against a wall. Such tilt angle of the case which is the most suitable.

Whether you know? Still ancient Egyptians for development of force and endurance lifted beams from various material. The first mentions of a shell similar on a bar were noticed in chronicles of the end of XYI of a century.

Technology of execution

For studying the technology of squat be not enough a bar at once. Try to find the easy subject similar to a shell. Without weight it is easier to modify the equipment:

  1. Stand exactly, legs at shoulder length or width, convenient for you. Socks look in different directions. You hold a back equal. You look directly.
  2. Slowly squat. Performing operation, you watch all the time directly, do not curve a back a wheel, do not tear off heels or socks from a floor.
  3. In the lower point your knees have to be divorced and look in different directions and also to be on one line with socks of legs.
  4. Squat with a breath, rise with an exhalation. Unbending knees, you also hold a back equal, weight has to be on all foot, look directly.

Video: squats with a bar

How many times and approaches

The number of squats and number of approaches depends on what aim you pursue. If it is necessary to build muscles, then recommend to carry out 8–10 squats, repeating them 4–5 times. For weight loss it is necessary to increase number of times, but to maintain number of approaches. It is necessary to begin from 20 times and to gradually increase quantity. It is desirable to have a rest between approaches not for long.

The number of squats and the number of repetitions need to be increased gradually. It is desirable to be occupied in one schedule of week two to understand the opportunities, and the next two weeks to build the new schedule, proceeding from the feelings. But whatever was the schedule of trainings, occupations has to be no more than three in a week.

Important! It is recommended to make the plan of occupations in the first two weeks together with the trainer. It will pick up loading taking into account your features of a body.

Main mistakes

When performing exercise for the first time often make such mistakes:

  • big weight of a bar;
  • when straightening the patellae come down;
  • strong inclination of the case;
  • rounding of a waist in the lower point;
  • there is no concentration of attention;
  • transfer of weight on socks or heels;
  • strong raising of the head;
  • fast lowering / rise;
  • not rather deep squat.

Video: 4 mistakes which prevent to progress When performing squats the equipment is very important. Depends on it as far as there will be safe for you an exercise and as quickly you feel desirable result.

Learn as it is correct to squat with a bar on shoulders as it is correct to do attacks for buttocks with a bar and also frontal squats with a bar and the Romanian draft with a bar.

Therefore it is better to find a maximum of time for working off of the equipment, and already then to concentrate on weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team