As it is correct to swing the press to girls

As it is correct to swing the press to girls

To become the owner of the flat tummy, the correctness of performance of exercises on the press and also knowledge of some nuances of the technique is necessary. All your efforts can come to naught if not to approach intelligently this difficult occupation.

Technology of classical exercise on the press

Even if you were always far from sport and are afraid that at you something won't turn out, reject all doubts. Classical, general and most widespread exercise on the press is available to all, even to people with weak physical training.

For a start it is necessary to lay down on the plain surface, having extended from the top to toe. Now it is necessary to eliminate the deflection in the waist. For this purpose bend legs in knees and pick up the tailbone. It is necessary that your backbone was densely pressed to the floor, and the stomach in is tucked – it is very important. Hands should be held the head, but it is better if you don't cross them, and you will just hold the palms on both sides of the nape. It is important not to press during performance of exercise on the head by hands. Because of it the neck as loading is redistributed from the stomach on area of cervical vertebras often begins to hurt. The chin shouldn't be at this time too close to the neck at all, but at the same time strongly you shouldn't throw back it too. Your head has to be kind of continuation of the backbone, that is be in neutral situation. Record such position of the head and don't change it during exercise performance. During raising of the trunk round a few back and tear off shovels from the floor. If you the beginner, then can tear off slightly them, but gradually increase rise range.

All the time is very important to monitor breath, otherwise can begin something to hurt you or you will just quickly be tired. The exhalation in any exercise becomes during maximum effort, and the breath, on the contrary, - when muscles relax. Therefore, in exercise on the press it is necessary to do the exhalation during rise, and the breath – during lowering of the case. If you have any problems with the backbone, or for any other reasons for you uncomfortablly to carry out raising of the case on the floor, the fitball will come to the rescue. Just the same technique, only plant the feet against the wall not to slide off it.

How it isn't necessary to do

It should be notedIt should be noted howlers which are often made by beginners when performing general exercise on the press. One of them is the strong deflection in the waist. So it is impossible to do at all. You have to press the backbone to the floor densely. Other mistake is technology of performance at which you pull yourself for the head hands up, thereby facilitating itself work. It is the best of all to hold hands parallel to the floor and not to press them on the nape. And, at last, the most widespread mistake is non-compliance with the rhythm of breath. Don't get off, you have to breathe evenly and measuredly. Remember that everyone can achieve the beautiful, beefy press. The main thing – enviable regularity, healthy nutrition and, of course, the proper technique.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team