As it is necessary to be wrung out

As it is necessary to be wrung out

The simplest, known from school, exercises are often much more effective, than occupations on difficult exercise machines. One of such exercises – push-ups. The training of hands, breasts, muscles bark in one exercise which isn't demanding special technical devices what can be more convenient? But to gain the maximum effect, it is necessary to carry out push-ups correctly.

It is required to you

  • - fitball;
  • - platform height the 10-15th.


1. Receive the lying support. Legs rest socks against the floor. Hands arrange slightly more widely than shoulders, brushes have to be located at the level of the line of the shoulder girdle. Straighten and strain the case. It has to be the straight line with legs.

2. Keep the building to straight lines at the expense of the muscle tension of the back and bark. Slightly strain the press and cramp shovels.

3. Slowly lower the case, bending hands in elbows. Try to fall as low as possible to touch by the floor breast. In the lowermost point stop into two-three scores and slowly rise up.

4. Classical performance of push-ups allows to work muscles of the top part of the building qualitatively. But, slightly changing the arm position or the technique, it is possible to diversify the received loading.

5. Place hands most widely, carrying out push-ups. It you will give deeper loading to peripheral department of pectoral muscles. If to be wrung out from the floor with narrow setting of hands, the central part of the breast is better studied.

6. Be wrung out not from the floor, and from the small eminence, and you will give the relief of the lower part of the breast. Better to work the lower part of pectoral muscles at push-ups, put legs on the small eminence.

7. The same reception will allow you to make load of more intensive. During push-up from the floor put legs on the fitball of average diameter. In this case the unstable support will force you to load stronger muscles bark and muscles stabilizers. Don't forget to keep the building to straight lines.

8. Change the rhythm of exercise and the way of its performance, it will allow to achieve many objectives. Receive the lying support not on the floor, and having put hands on two small platforms or the brick. Fall as low as possible and be late for 15-20 seconds, stretching pectoral muscles. Then slowly return to the home position. Such exercises are called isometric and help to increase the volume of muscles quickly.

9. Push-ups can be the main power building exercise of hands. Try to carry out pliometrichesky push-ups. For this purpose, having lowered the case as much as possible down, the sharp push you will throw out the body as it is possible above, and try to clap under the breast. Land on slightly bent hands not to injure elbow joints.

10. One more kind of pliometrichesky exercises - unequal height push-ups with shift. Receive the lying support. The right hand leans on the floor, left - on the low platform. Smoothly fall down, bending hands in elbows, then sharply push out the case up and replace the arm position. Now on the platform there is the right hand, and the left palm on the floor. At the same time the case is slightly displaced aside, and socks of legs remain on the place. Continue to be wrung out, every time changing the arm position and bodies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team