As it is possible to pump up muscles in the year

As it is possible to pump up muscles in the year

The beginner starting occupations athletic gymnastics can't wait to receive visible results quicker. But there pass several weeks, and muscles don't increase in volume. To avoid disappointments, the athlete needs to remember that accumulation of muscle bulk requires time. If you observe the mode and it is correct to dose loading, approximately in the year you can brag of harmoniously put figure.

It is required to you

  • - power simulators;
  • - post;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - horizontal bar;
  • - gymnastic bars.


1. Starting occupations, pick up or develop the program of trainings for the year. The involving stage has to make not less than two-three months. So much time is required to master the main exercises with burdenings and to seize technology of work on power simulators. At this stage of training process it is important to pay attention to the all-developing exercises. The number of trainings shouldn't exceed three in the week.

2. Having mastered the main exercises on exercise machines and with free scales, make the program for accumulation of muscle bulk. Break the week cycle for three or four training days. In each of them train strictly certain groups of the muscle. For example, on Monday exercise hands and shoulders, on Wednesday – the breast and muscles of the back, on Friday – legs and the prelum abdominale.

3. Selecting loading, consider that for increase in force it is required to carry out small number of approaches to the apparatus with the big weight, and for accumulation of muscle bulk the number of repetitions in one approach has to be within 7-13. Long work with rather small scales contributes to the development of power endurance. In process of fitness the number of approaches to the apparatus and its weight need to be increased gradually that muscles didn't get used to loading.

4. Each two months for the year change players of exercises. It is possible to choose absolutely different complexes which allow to diversify loading for each group and to place emphasis on separate bunches of muscles. The monotony has an adverse effect on results of trainings. Use of the sets of exercises differing as application of effort gives the chance to work one and all muscles. Otherwise your figure won't be harmoniously put.

5. Pay close attention to restoration of the organism in the course of the weekly trainings. It will be optimum if between separate occupations you have one or even two days off. During the rest period after the trainings of the muscle grow most effectively.

6. Attentively listen to the organism. Muscle pains, emergence of apathy and slackness, decrease in motivation to occupations can demonstrate overtraining. In this case it is necessary to lower loading and number of trainings, having switched to other types of physical activity, for example to swimming or jogging. The bath and massage are considered as the excellent restoring means helping to take off fatigue.

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