As it is possible to pump up pectoral muscles in house conditions

As it is possible to pump up pectoral muscles in house conditions

Beautiful and beefy body – the dream not only of men, but also some representatives of the fine half of mankind. The strong trained breast gives to the body solidity and to become. To develop in house conditions of the muscle of the breast, it is regularly necessary to be engaged.


1. The healthy nutrition which is promoting growth of muscles and not allowing grow to subcutaneous fat in your organism is necessary. If you allow fat to take control of the body, then won't be able to see the traced pectoral muscles. Include more protein in the diet. It is necessary to train two-three times a week, occupations have to include different options of push-ups, for pumping of the lower and upper muscles of the breast.

2. Push-ups represent polysynthetic exercises at which the big group of muscles is involved. The main loading goes on tricepses and pectoral muscles, forearms, front bunches of deltas, small muscles of brushes, the lower muscles of the back, quadriceps and even the press indirectly work. Proceeding from it, one may say, that push-ups from the floor are useful to all your body.

3. Begin the training with push-ups on books. This exercise allows to study the middle part of the breast. For push-ups you will need 8-10 books on 400-500 sheets. Spread out them in two identical piles and deliver at distance 70 centimeters from each other. Put hands on books, the body and legs have to make the straight line. You look forward. On the exhalation begin to fall down, reach the maximum point and rise on the breath. At the same time you have to feel stretching of pectoral muscles. It is necessary to spend for one lowering about 6-8 seconds. Make on 15 repetitions in 4 approaches. Speed – the most important in exercise, everything it is necessary to do slowly.

4. The following exercise – push-ups with the stoppage. For this purpose you will need no additional objects. It will be usual push-ups, but with small nuance. When you fall half down, it is necessary to stop and be late in such situation for three seconds. Fall up to the end down and again be late on the same amount of time. Then rise in the home position. Make on 10 repetitions in 4 approaches.

5. Explosive push-ups very difficult exercise demanding trainings. You can safely include it in the program of the rating of pectoral muscles. Begin to fall slowly down, then, rising in the home position, make a start from all force that palms came off the floor. Execute at the same time cotton. Perform this exercise with the maximum number of repetitions in two approaches.

6. Further it is necessary to pump over the top part of pectoral muscles by means of push-ups with bending. Legs have to be located above your body, for the rest it will be usual push-ups. Legs can be on the bench or the sofa. Fall down and be late in this point for three seconds, return to the initial position. The second option – push-ups on books (legs also are above the body). And the third option – push-ups with cottons. Perform all exercises on 15 repetitions in 4 approaches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team