As it is the best of all to be wrung out

As it is the best of all to be wrung out

By means of push-ups it is possible to keep good physical shape, to train endurance and the muscular strength. These exercises can be performed not only in the gym, they don't require the special equipment. There are various techniques and secrets of the effective training.

In the course of systematic push-ups, pectoral muscles and tricepses are effectively pumped over. The choice of the technique of occupations depends on your specific goals and level of physical capacities. It is possible to be wrung out from the floor, on bars and even between two chairs.

Technology of push-ups from the floor in general isn't really difficult, exercises can be performed both in the stance on fists, and on palms. In the first case you strengthen and temper shock parts of hands that is important for the effective training in martial arts.

If you set before yourself the purpose to significantly increase the muscular strength and to increase muscles, you need the help of the partner. He or the direct influence, or by means of the additional burdenings put on your back will create resistance to movements of your case, adding and removing weight as required. In case you want to become more hardy and to make the muscles more relief, it is possible to be wrung out without additional burdenings, seeking for increase in number of the carried-out repetitions.

There is the effective technique of push-ups which as much as possible puts into muscle work. Its secret consists in the incomplete range of movements when lowering and raising the trunk. That is, being wrung out, you not up to the end bend and straighten hands in elbow joints, thus, muscles don't manage to have a rest and as much as possible use own resources. For obtaining good results it is necessary to consider also one more moment: the short break between approaches, the is stronger influence from the training. But at the same time don't forget to watch the health. Experienced athletes know that in the course of push-ups the developed tricepses undertake the most part of loading. They can be switched off partially from work for ensuring the most effective development of muscles of the breast. For this purpose before usual push-ups it is necessary to perform exercises on pumping of three-headed muscles, it is possible to alternate various techniques also. For example, push-ups with the narrow support (hands are at distance of 20-30 cm from each other) combine with exercises which cornerstone the ordinary equipment is. If you build from several bricks of the support under hands, then will be able to be wrung out, stretching and by that as much as possible pumping over muscles. In this case it is important not to make too deep deflections, it is fraught with injuries. Before starting performance of this technique, it is necessary to warm well muscles and sheaves. Making two last push-ups in each of approaches, stop at the stage of 50% of performance of exercise (hands are halfbent in elbows) and try to hold on in such pose one-two minutes. Exercises on the statics are very heavy, but they in addition develop force and endurance. The number of approaches and repetitions in push-ups will depend on the task set by you and the level of your physical fitness. It is possible to begin from 10-15 repetitions and 2-3 approaches, having gradually brought number of push-ups to 50 in a row and more. Training thus 3 times a week 30-40 minutes, you will support yourself in excellent physical shape.

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