As it is the best of all to drink the protein

As it is the best of all to drink the protein

Different types of proteins are the main component of sports food. They help to fill the shortage of natural protein in the diet, and at intensive trainings promote accumulation of muscle bulk. The vast majority of proteins are on sale in the powdery look. To receive the maximum advantage from this product, it is necessary to receive it correctly.

Directions of use

Much proteins seem distasteful. It can occur in case you chose not the really quality product, or incorrectly prepare it for the use. Dozens of brands are presented at the modern market of sports food, in each of which there are proteins with different tastes. First of all, try to find the, and, quite perhaps, soon you change opinion on these products.

The most widespread way of preparation of proteins - cocktails. However the final taste of the product also depends on technology. You can dissolve powder with milk and water. As a rule, the optimum dosage is specified on packing, however you can easily vary proportions of liquid and powder to achieve the best taste. Carefully shake up cocktail in the mixer or the sports shaker to prevent formation of lumps. Liquid has to be the cold or room temperature as in hot proteinaceous substance loses the properties.

Quite often it happens that it is unpleasant to drink the protein in the form of cocktail. To maintain necessary norm of protein in the diet, you can add powder to the porridges which are (previously cooled), to do on its bases special desserts (without sugar and pastries).

When and how many

Before reception of the protein you have to consult surely with the nutritionist or the coach. The excess of protein is harmful to kidneys, shortage - nullifies your power trainings. You have to consider surely specific features of the organism to calculate the personal standard daily rate. The big mistake is to drink the protein instead of the prima of food. Even the most balanced sports food will never replace full-fledged food in which macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) are picked well up. For this reason protein cocktail has to be your having a snack, for example, after the training. As a rule, powder contains not only protein, but also carbohydrates which are also necessary for recovery of muscles. It is the best of all to drink cocktail within half an hour after the power occupation. Don't forget that having a snack in the form of proteinaceous cocktail is necessary for you and in days of rest since during this period of the muscle continue to be restored and need feed. There are various opinions on the single portion of the protein. Some nutritionists are sure that for one-time reception more than 30 g of protein aren't acquired, others consider that this dose can be much bigger. In this case be guided by the principle: the more intensively you train, the above there can be your need for the protein.

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