As it is the best of all to pump up buttocks

As it is the best of all to pump up buttocks

Buttocks - one of parts of the women's body drawing attention of men. Girls try to pump up buttocks favourably to show them in the fitting clothes or the short skirt. Quickly exercises will help to create the beautiful shape of buttocks.


Begin the complex with the warming up of muscles and sheaves. It is necessary to reduce risk of receiving various damages during the main loading. Within 30-40 seconds carry out walking on the spot. Then pass to jumps. For increase in efficiency you can take the jump rope. In the minute begin to carry out running on the spot. At the same time try to touch heels buttocks. In 30 seconds move up on run with lifting of knees. Then slow down and again carry out the step on the place. At the same time you monitor breath, try to normalize it.

Main part of the complex

Get up, palms arrange as it is convenient, part legs widely. At the exhalation bend knees a little, you hold the back directly. In this situation stand several seconds, the breath doesn't need to be held. With the breath unbend knees. Execute 15 squats.

Get up near any support which it is possible to hold during exercise performance. For example, about the wall, the chair, etc. On the exhalation take away the right leg back, incline the case. Hold the body and the leg parallel to half about 30 seconds, you watch that breath was uniform. On the breath lift the case, lower the leg. Perform exercise on each leg on 3 times. Get up on hunkers. Take the right leg back and slightly aside. You hold the provision of 10 seconds, you breathe quietly. Then lower the knee on the floor and pull buttocks to heels, sit down on them. In 10 seconds perform exercise on the left leg. The home position doesn't need to be changed. Take away the right leg back and shake it 40 seconds up and down. Repeat movements on the left leg. Let's a little complicate performance: extend the right leg back, bend it in the knee. At the exhalation carry out instep up as if at you on the foot the platform is located. Perform exercise of 30 times. Take rest a little, repeat rises by the left leg.


After loading of the muscle it is necessary to pull. Get up, lower the case down, at the same time try to hold knees straightened. Palms undertake shins and carefully pull yourself forward. You breathe quietly. In 1-1.5 minutes slowly with the breath become straight. Sit down, widely part legs, extend hands before yourself. On the exhalation stretch the case forward. You breathe evenly. You hold such situation 2 minutes. At the breath become straight. Lay down on the back, with the exhalation tighten knees to yourself. You lie in such situation minute, you breathe quietly. With the breath be extended on the floor.

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