As it is the best of all to pump up muscles

As it is the best of all to pump up muscles

Those athletes who only start occupations athletic gymnastics often believe that for fast and effective inflating of muscles it is necessary to be engaged often and in large quantities. But there passes some time, and growth of muscle bulk isn't observed. To provide growth of muscles, it is necessary to consider features of physiology and to use the recommendations of skilled bodybuilders.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells;
  • - post;
  • - power simulators;
  • - gymnastic bars;
  • - horizontal bar.


1. Correctly make the program of trainings. It isn't necessary to include in one occupation of exercise on study of one and all muscles. Competent approach assumes work on one-two groups of muscles in one training day. For example, on the first occupation exercise the back and the breast, on the second – shoulders and hands, and devote the third day to work on development of muscles of legs. Include exercises on the press gradually in each occupation.

2. Enter into the program performance of exercises with various burdenings: the post, dumbbells and also use power simulators. Apply the bench with the changing tilt angle to high-quality study of separate bunches of any given group of muscles. Many power exercises can be performed on parallel bars and the gymnastic horizontal bar.

3. Choose the correct number of repetitions and approaches to the apparatus. You proceed at the same time from those aims which you pursue during the concrete training. For increase in force it will be required to perform exercise of 3-5 times in each approach. Intensive accumulation of muscle bulk will be promoted by 7-12 repetitions. The bigger number of repetitions forms the relief of muscles and develops power endurance.

4. Set for yourself the optimum mode and duration of trainings. It isn't necessary to be engaged with burdenings on some hours, tiring itself out. You receive the most qualitative results, giving to the power training of 30-40 minutes in day. It will allow to avoid overtraining and to load muscles when maintaining motivation to occupation enough. Rest between approaches to the apparatus shouldn't exceed two-three minutes.

5. Pay special attention to restoration after loading. The optimal week cycle includes three trainings with breaks for restoration in one-two days. Remember that muscles grow not so much during loading how many in the first days after the training. If not to observe the rest mode, results will inevitably fall, growth of muscles will stop and, respectively, the motivation to further occupations will decrease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team