As muscles of legs at run work

As muscles of legs at run work

Run is one of types of exercise stresses which optimum influence the general condition of the human body. Daily occupation run allow to lose weight, to continuously support the tone of the organism and to develop practically all muscles of the body.


1. Throughout all jog the body involves the prelum abdominale and muscles of the breast. At good development of these muscles they are excellent assistants at deduction of the bearing at long distances and in final stages of runnings. The correct and equal posture helps to improve the step, thereby allowing to save forces during run. In addition it is possible to develop these muscles by means of horizontal presses or push-ups from the floor.

2. The organism uses for maintenance of the correct posture of the body not only pectoral muscles and muscles of the stomach, but also the back muscle. The diamond-shaped muscle, the big round muscle and the broadest muscles belong to the main back muscles involved in run process. They counterbalance balance of the body and on an equal basis with belly muscles are indisputable advantage at long ranges. The trapezoid muscle and strong the delta help to improve work of hands and allow to hold the head correctly. To develop back muscles, it is necessary to make vertical and horizontal drafts on the horizontal bar. To avoid the muscular imbalance, it is necessary to perform the exercises calculated on strengthenings of back and pectoral muscles, it is counterbalanced.

3. Muscles of shoulders and hands allow to keep balance during jog. Besides withdrawal of one of hands serves as the certain counterbalance which isn't allowing the person to fall back. The main load in this area is placed on the shoulder joint, and auxiliary — on elbow. The activity of hands depends on run type. Stayers involve hands less actively whereas to sprinters the correct and rapid movements of hands help to win excess fractions of a second. Muscles of shoulders and hands can be developed by means of the same exercises, as the trunk back muscle.

4. Stomach muscles, big buttock and the muscle straightening the backbone belong to muscles of the middle part of the body. Their main objective at run is stabilization of the case. Twisting of the case will help to develop these muscles standing also giperekstenziya on the fitball.

5. The greatest loading during run is received by muscles of legs. Allows to straighten the knee joint and to tighten the knee to the breast the chetyrekhglavy muscle. To straighten the leg in the hip joint and to bend it in the knee the back group of muscles allows. For the training of this group of muscles the stanovy draft and squats are effective. The lower part of legs is involved at run a little less, but too plays the key role. In the course of bending and extension of foot and also its spin foot muscles participate, and during the push the leg — shin muscles. Raising of foot on socks on the edge of the plain surface best of all is suitable for strengthening of these muscles.

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