As on the horizontal bar to pump up all body

As on the horizontal bar to pump up all body

The horizontal bar is the apparatus on which the body weight of the engaged athlete is used. On it it is possible to train muscles of all body also effectively, as well as in the gym with the post. Besides, sports activities are in the fresh air very useful to health.

Occupations on the horizontal bar: features of performance, general exercises

Surely begin occupations on the horizontal bar with warm-up – properly warm muscles and sheaves to avoid injuries. It is possible to execute squats, arms swings, bendings, etc.

You can pump over on the horizontal bar different groups of muscles in various days or make the complex covering at once all muscular groups. Optimum number of occupations - three times a week taking into account that the organism needs rest and restoration between trainings. Having made the complex in which all exercises, their sequence and the number of repetitions are accurately painted, start the training. It is possible to find also the ready technique of trainings. The choice of the set of exercises, the number of approaches and repetitions depends on your specific physiological features.

To train bicepses on the horizontal bar, reach the home position: the grip to themselves, legs are slightly bent in knees and drawn in. Be tightened smoothly to the chin, at the same time the distance between hands has to make about 30 cm. The back can be pumped up pulling up both to the chin, and to the nape. At the same time it is possible to alternate approaches and even repetitions. Than wide grip, that gets into gear the back stronger. The following effective exercise for pumping of muscles on the horizontal bar – pulling up on the horizontal bar raznokhvaty, with change of provision of brushes in each approach. That is, the brush of one of your hands will be directed towards your trunk, another – from you. At the same time you can be brought up as usual. This technique provides on the one side of the torso load of the hand, with another – on the back. For even more effective pumping of the back it is possible to convert the horizontal bar, having welded diagonal cross-pieces in its corners. They will allow to carry out the angular grip. Having pumped over the back and bicepses on the horizontal bar, start the training of tricepses. For this purpose, having kind of sat down on the horizontal bar and holding it hands, slowly fall down by 20-30 cm, then stop and rise up. This exercise rather injury-causing therefore it is better to carry out it with the partner. Swing muscles of the press raising of straight legs in the hang or knees to the breast. The number of repetitions in one approach depends on your physical capacities and can be from 20 to 40, number of approaches – from 3 to 6. Finish the training with the hang on the horizontal bar, stretching and relaxing muscles. On this stage 5-7 minutes are allotted on average.

Useful tips

If you feel that for good study of muscles you lack your body weight, try to use additional burdenings which can fasten on the belt. During the work on the horizontal bar use leather wristlets. It will improve your grip and will protect muscles from stretchings. It is better to be engaged on the horizontal bar in couple, on the last repetitions the partner will help to overcome to you the dead point - such trainings are considered as the most effective. Try to perform exercises without breakthroughs, smoothly rising and falling. Remember that negative movements or lowering of the trunk – the same work, as well as its rise. You watch quality and "purity" of exercises. Besides, it is important to provide enough proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins B your food allowance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team