As quickly and effectively to pump up the press

As quickly and effectively to pump up the press

The beautiful tightened body is pleasant to many people, but the small tummy can sometimes spoil it. Quickly and effectively to pump up the press, having got rid of fat on it, it is possible all for few months.


1. Reduce the number of the consumed calories. It is necessary to burn surplus of fat deposits on the stomach. Carry corn, sweets, fat meat from the diet. For loss of fat use not less than three hundred grams of fresh vegetables and fruit a day. And, of course, don't eat late at night. Simple rules will yield excellent result that who is eager to get rid of several kilograms.

2. Perform physical exercises. For manifestation of the relief of muscles you need at least half a year, but for the beautiful and tightened belt there will be enough few months of persistent work. The majority of exercises is performed from situation "lying on the back", receive it and start performance.

3. Bend legs in knees, put hands for the head. Lift the case on the exhalation, without bringing together elbows and without pressing the chin to the breast. Lift the case, twisting it, reach the elbow for the opposite knee. At the same time legs at you can stand on the floor, or approach elbows.

4. Put hands under buttocks, raise legs and cross them, having hooked on the friend for the friend around ankles. Tighten knees to the breast, slightly shaking the body.

5. From the same situation throw out legs up, tearing off the basin from the floor. Try to perform this exercise without jumps, so you will achieve the best result. At the same time the lower part of the prelum abdominale with most of which often and there are problems actively works.

6. For formation of the waist and load of oblique muscles of the stomach do bendings. Get up, having straightened shoulders, part straight arms in the parties. With the exhalation carry out bending to the right side, extend the left hand behind the body, holding it to the lobbing over the head. Repeat in other party. The stronger you last, the you will achieve the best result.

7. If the skin on the stomach drooped and lost elasticity, go to massage. It will help skin to restore elasticity and attractive appearance. In addition, by means of massage it is possible to fight against fat deposits effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team