As quickly dumbbells to pump up muscles

As quickly dumbbells to pump up muscles

The dream of strong and beautiful muscles can easily become the reality, it is worth making a few efforts and patience. Allocate daily on the hour for dumbbell exercises, and your figure will get attractive forms. The effect won't keep itself waiting long.


1. Exercise - distributing of dumbbells from the prone position well will be suitable for pectoral muscles. Lay down on the bench or other rigid horizontal surface. Extend hands before yourself at the level of the breast. Palms have to be turned inside. On the breath slowly part hands in the parties. Elbows should be bent slightly. Lower hands until you feel that breast muscles well stretched. You part hands slowly and don't lower them very low (especially with the big weight of dumbbells) not to injure the shoulders and elbows. On the exhalation cramp hands in the home position.

2. Muscles of hands will strengthen exercise – thirst of dumbbells for the belt. It should be carried out with the support on the bench. At first put the left knee on the bench, and leave the right leg on the floor slightly bent. Your position has to be steady. Bend forward that your back received horizontal position. Put the left hand on the bench, and in right take the dumbbell. It shouldn't concern the floor. On the breath tighten the dumbbell to the breast, on the exhalation – lower in the home position. The palm has to be turned inside. After several repetitions of exercise on the right hand, do the same with left. This exercise it is possible to complicate and carry out it without support on the knee. Take dumbbells in both hands, bend forward, slightly bend knees and carry out thirst for the belt.

3. Sit down on the bench, take dumbbells. Slightly bend forward, strong press elbows to the body and serially lift dumbbells. Such exercises well develop pectoral muscles and bicepses. On the breath lift the dumbbell to the breast, on the exhalation lower it in the home position.

4. Get up, put legs shoulder width apart. Take dumbbells in both hands and at the same time lift them on the breath before yourself, and then part hands in the parties and on the exhalation lower down.

5. Muscles of legs can be strengthened by means of squats with dumbbells. Take them in both hands, put to yourself on shoulders, having developed palms inside. Put legs shoulder width apart. On the breath fall down, on the exhalation squeeze out yourself in the home position. The number of repetitions and approaches of any exercises will depend on your endurance and physical training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team