As the yoga influences the general condition of the organism

As the yoga influences the general condition of the organism

The Old Indian system of physical exercises, namely the yogi, became widely known and popular in Europe from the middle of the last century. These 60 years quite were enough for scientists-physicians that by means of modern techniques and the equipment to receive reliable results about positive influence of yoga on the general condition of the organism.


1. The yoga represents the large number of exercises asanas of which the competent instructor can make the individual complex for people of any age and physical capacities taking into account the state of health. At the same time the efficiency these enough static exercises doesn't depend on complexity of their performance, even the simplest asana can render notable influence on the physical and intellectual state. All of them have the name in Sanskrit.

2. So, for example, regular performance of the sarvangasana is capable even to change the chemical and biochemical composition of blood – to reduce amount of sugar, total number of catecholamines of plasma and serumal lipids with the growth of number of serumal proteins. Inclusion in the daily complex of the halasana allows not only to reduce quantity of catecholamines in blood, but also to increase the maintenance of cortisol in its plasma, and 17 ketosteroids and 17 hydroxycorticosteroids - in urine. Action of these asanas directed to acceleration of the metabolism, increase in activity of adrenalny glands speaks. By the way, reduction of level of sugar in blood, is observed at 64% of the people performing even standard complexes of these exercises.

3. For assessment of the impact on the general physical condition of the organism, researches in which two groups of students participated were conducted. In the first group the examinees under the leadership of the instructor daily 30 minutes carried out the complex not of really difficult asanas, such as: sarvangasana, matsiasana, halasana, ardha-shalabkhasana, dhanurasana, etc. In the second group the students also performed physical exercises, but usual, all-strengthening. After 3 weeks, tests which results unambiguously demonstrated that in the first group the general "index of the physical state" exceeded the same indicator in the second group on 4.43 points were carried out. The test was repeated in 2 weeks during which classes weren't given by yoga. The value of the index during this time decreased on 2.83 points.

4. It is proved that occupations yoga have positive impact on brain activity and increase I.Q. Math tests which were carried out before performance of the udzhaya of the pranayama in the padmasena and also before the yogichesky practice which is carried out within the month were for this purpose used. Both in the first, and in the second case the effectiveness of activity of the brain considerably increased.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team