As there passes the regatta in Venice

As there passes the regatta in Venice

It is officially unknown when there passed the first fancy-dress regattas in Venice. Historical sources allocate 1274 – the first written mention of competitions of oarsmen by "cheerful" boats. Such competitions were organized annually to accustom young people to seafaring. The first festive regatta was organized in honor of return from Cyprus home, to Venice, the Cyprian queen Katerina Kornaro. It was waited by the grandiose meeting with the parade of the decorated vessels. Today the regatta passes in Venice as the big holiday.

The regatta in Venice is annually carried out to the first revival of September. Its official name sounds as "Storica Regatta" – "The Historical Regatta". The official venue of the action – the Grand Canal (Big channel).

The modern regatta in Venice begins with the big fancy-dress parade. It symbolizes itself(himself) the meeting organized in the 13th century to the queen Katerina. Each boat has the special colourful frame. The team and some spectators are dressed up in historical dresses which can be sewed to order or to hire. The main heroes of the carnival part of the regatta are historical characters: doge, his spouse, ministers and ambassadors and also the queen Katerina. After the parade the second part of the action – rowing races begins.

The historical regatta passes in Venice in several stages. The first spectators are addressed by juniors. They compete on gondolas of "pupparini" – the two-rowboats differing in special ease and maneuverability. Afterwards there comes the turn of the boats "mascarete" (also two-oar). The nasal part of these gondolas has similarity to masks which in old times were used by courtesans. It is easy to understand that oarsmen of this type of transport are women. After women, men by heavy boats perform with six oars. In the past such vessels under the name "caorline" were supplied with sails and served as transport for travel on the lagoon. The most important event of the historical fancy-dress regatta in Venice takes place in the end. By the light and narrow boats "gondolini" the real champions and experts compete. The control of such transport demands special agility and skill not to appear in water. However, no medals are handed to winners of competitions. Multi-colored tags become prizes. The holder of the first place receives red, for the second, third and fourth places – white, green and blue.

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