As to the boy to pump up stomach muscles

As to the boy to pump up stomach muscles

One of the most problem zones during the training of children are muscles of the stomach. Usual exercises though are suitable for adults, but can not always be optimum. To receive good result it is necessary to combine special techniques and game elements.


1. It is the best of all to train together with the child. It is the general principle which will be suitable for all exercises. Organize the competition. For example, you can argue that you will make the bigger number of repetitions in the minute. Of course, it isn't always worth winning, give to the child the chance to enjoy the victory, but also unconditionally it is impossible to lose.

2. One more important principle is that it has to be interesting to child to play sports. In spite of the fact that exercises on muscles of the stomach aren't original, it is necessary to create such conditions that the boy was eager to begin occupations. For example, you can tell it that he is the hero who has to save the kingdom, but for this purpose he should train much.

3. The first exercise. Let the child will lay down on the back and will raise one leg up at an angle of 90 degrees. Then he needs to concern the floor from the opposite side (for example if the leg right, then it is necessary to concern the floor at the left). After that the leg needs again to be raised in the home position and to lower quietly on the floor. Then the technique repeats specularly. This exercise allows to train oblique muscles of the stomach. Loading at the same time minimum so the child will cope with ease.

4. The second exercise. It also helps to pump up oblique muscles of the stomach. The child needs to lay down on the back and to bend legs in knees. Having slightly raised the trunk, he needs to get the foot at first on the right side, and then on the left side. It is necessary to repeat this exercise 20-30 times. It is very easy. Many athletes use it as warm-up.

5. The third exercise. Trains all departments of the press. The child needs to hang on the horizontal bar, and then, having bent knees, to tighten legs to the breast. In the beginning this exercise can not turn out, especially, if the boy didn't train earlier. In it there is nothing terrible, let does as can. Help it, raising legs. As soon as it with ease begins to get breasts, add turns to rises.

6. The fourth exercise. Usual twisting. Let the child will lay down on the back and will bend legs in knees. You hold them with hands to create the emphasis. Then the boy needs to put hands behind the head and, raising the trunk, to touch by elbows of the knees. As soon as you notice that the child hardly begins to rise, tell "stop" and ask it to lie down a little.

7. The fifth exercise. In common people "wheelbarrow" is called. Take the child for legs so that he was reluctant only on front hands and you resemble with him so some time. Children very much love this exercise as it cheerful and quite simple. Stomach muscles at the same time train isometrically that gives good effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team