As to the girl quickly to pump up the press

As to the girl quickly to pump up the press

The tightened muscles and flat stomach practically never get out of fashion. It is possible to achieve excellent result in short terms in house conditions. Useful tips and the special set of exercises will help with it.

Set of exercises

The return twisting – exercise which will help to pump over the lower press effectively. The home position – lying on the back, hands are located along the case of the body. As much as possible strain muscles of the press and gradually raise legs up. Raise basin as it is possible above. Slowly return to the home position. It is necessary to repeat exercise 12-15 times in 2-3 approaches.

Diagonal twisting will help to pump up oblique muscles of the press. Lay down on the floor. Bend legs in knees. Hands arrange behind the neck, having placed elbows on the parties. Slowly raise the case of the body, having reached the right elbow the left knee. Return to the home position. Now the left elbow reach the right knee. Repeat exercise till 20-25 times in 3 approaches.

Usual twisting is directed to pumping of the top press. It is carried out from the prone position. Legs are slightly bent in knees, hands are located behind the head. Accurately lift the top part of the trunk. Gradually come back to the home position. Pay attention: when performing exercise the waist has to be densely pressed to the floor surface. It is necessary to repeat exercise 30-50 times depending on physical training. The following exercise will help to pump over the lower press also. Lay down on the floor. Hands arrange along the case of the body. Gradually raise legs up so that with the trunk they made the right angle. Record this situation within 3-5 seconds. Slowly lower legs down. Repeat exercise 15-20 times in 3-4 approaches.

Correct training of the press

There is the opinion that it is simple and easy to pump up the good press. Actually it absolutely not so. For achievement of good result, it is regularly necessary to be engaged and to correctly perform exercises. For occupation of the top part of muscles as general exercises serves leg lifting from the sitting position at the emphasis on hands. At the same time it is effective to carry out movements in the vertical and horizontal planes. This exercise approaches also on the average press. Raisings of the case are also good. Exercise can be performed on the special bench. If to sit down on the chair, having fixed legs below, and after to reject the case of the body back and to return in initial situation, then exercise will be directed to the average press and its upper part. For pumping of the lower press the experts also recommend exercise on the special bench with the gradual raising of legs or the raising of legs, lying on the floor. The raising of legs up from the lateral decubitus or side bendings – the simplest exercises for pumping of the side press.

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