As to the girl to pump up buttocks

As to the girl to pump up buttocks

Improper feeding, lack of exercise stresses, sitting position lead to the fact that gluteuses, weakening, become flabby and drooped. To give them elastic rounded shapes, systematically perform the complex of physical exercises directed to the training of muscles of buttocks.


1. Lay down on the stomach. Raise hips and take them on weight, resting at the same time against the floor socks. Extend socks on yourself and slowly raise the straight leg, directing the heel up. Take it ten seconds and replace the leg. Don't bend knees, the hip joint has to work. Repeat exercise 20 times.

2. For development of muscles of hips and buttocks "you resemble" them. For this purpose sit down on the floor, extend legs forward, you hold hands before yourself. Without carrying out active foot movements, creep forward, advancing in turn the raised hips. Then in the same way move back. This exercise is considered the most effective for strengthening of gluteuses.

3. Leg swings will help to burn fat deposits. Get up facing the wall and lean against it the hands extended in all length. You take away the intense straight leg back, pull the heel up. For creation of additional loading tie cargoes to ankles. At first the weight of each cargo has to be 200 g, then gradually increase it to 800 g. Execute 3 – 4 approaches, on 10 – 15 swings in everyone.

4. Lying on the right side, extend legs, lean on elbows. Smoothly raise the left leg so that her fingers came to be at the level of the head. Be late in this situation for several seconds and slowly lower the leg. Carry out 10 swings each leg in each their 3 – 4 approaches.

5. The elasticity to buttocks will be given by lunges. Rise and put legs on width of shoulders. Take the step forward the right leg so that it was bent at right angle in the knee. The left leg at the same time remains on the place and too 90 degrees are bent at an angle, hardly touching the floor by the knee. Make a start the right leg and return to the home position. Then repeat lunge by other leg. Make 5 repetitions for each leg.

6. Kneel, you hold the back directly. Without hands you sit down on the floor to the left, get up and you sit down to the right. You watch that shins and knees remained aren't mobile. Repeat 20 times.

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