As to the man to remove fat from the stomach and sides

As to the man to remove fat from the stomach and sides

The beautiful men's figure means existence of the relief press and strong muscles without surplus of fat. But, unfortunately, shortcomings like too volume stomach and fat folds on sides meet not so seldom. It is possible to get rid of them, however it is necessary to apply many forces and persistence. Healthy nutrition and the subscription in gym - the best assistants in this case.


1. Visit gym several times a week or play sports in house conditions. That unnecessary fats burned down as soon as possible, be engaged in cardio-trainings. It can be jogs, occupations on the racetrack or the rowing exercise machine. Be engaged three-four times a week, but only it is regular. At such mode you will quickly achieve result – will remove excess fat and tighten muscles.

2. If it is impossible to run, jump on the jump rope, do swimming, tennis. All these types of the exercise stress not only help to spend calories, but also oxygenate the organism, improve the metabolism, arrange the peculiar shake-up which is from time to time simply necessary for maintaining health and improvement of the figure.

3. If for some reason active sports and strong exercise stresses are contraindicated, simply try to go more on foot the fast pace. The couple of hours in day of such walks will also promote weight loss, especially at healthy nutrition.

4. Being engaged in cardio-trainings or aerobic loadings, you remember that fatty tissue begins to be burned only after 20 minutes of intensive occupations. Thus, it is worth running or floating for weight loss not less than 30-40 minutes, otherwise the result will be not too effective.

5. From physical exercises the most optimal variant for the beautiful press – twisting of the case on the inclined gymnastic bench, including side. Carrying out them, you remember that the back at the same time has to be slightly bent, and movements - smooth, otherwise it is possible to injure the waist. At the same time the main tension has to fall on press muscles, but not backs or necks in any way. Perfectly also hanging leg raise acts on gym wall bars. Perform exercises in 2-3 approaches till 15-20 of repetitions in everyone.

6. Oblique muscles of the stomach and the broadest muscle of the back will be strengthened by exercises with turns of the case. It is better to carry out them also in the hang on the horizontal bar. Raise the legs bent in knees and alternately turn them to the left and to the right. Execute 8-10 times and repeat the complex twice.

7. Effectively help to burn fat and to tighten press muscles including slanting, leg lifting from the prone position. Lay down on the back, put hands under buttocks to lower loading from the waist if muscles of the back are pumped not too over. Lift straight lines or the legs which are slightly bent in knees on different height and in different directions – thanks to it loading will fall on different muscles of the press. That it wasn't so boring, it exercises can be performed in couple – the second person at the same time has to stand at you behind the head and beat away the raised legs in different directions.

8. Will quickly strengthen the press and weight exercises. Choose the post of the weight, optimum for yourself. Shoulder the signature stamp, you hold the back directly. Turn the case in the parties, straining press muscles. Slightly place legs and carry out the deep press of the post. Lift the signature stamp on the breast and do slow squats. Repeat each exercise till 10-20 times in two steps with obligatory rest between them.

9. For optimum loading the power trainings are recommended to carry out not more often than three times a week. All exercises are done slowly, with tension of the press and rest between approaches. Already in few weeks you will notice the first results, and in one or one and a half months your press and sides will look much better.

10. Remember that muscles pretty fast get used to the certain loading therefore for achievement of effective result try to change loading. It can achieve by increase in weight of the post or the number of repetitions in approach.

11. Alternate cardio-trainings and power exercises - it is the optimal variant to get rid of the excess fat in the waist and to pump up stomach muscles. Besides, thus you improve the general condition of the organism, will give the tone to all body. And just alternation of exercises and loading won't allow to get bored and give up occupations.

12. Change the diet. To get rid of surplus of fat, you should refuse habitual high-calorie dishes. Remove pastries, any semi-finished products, fast food, snacks from the diet. Forget about the use not only high-calorie beer, but also any other alcoholic drinks. Sparkling water and juice, especially artificial, it is necessary to exclude too. It is better to eat just fruit – then less sugar will get to the organism. Instead of mayonnaise salads, smoked delicacies and sausage eat fresh and stewed vegetables, the bird without skin, low-fat beef. Raise the daily dose of protein, having included in the menu of egg, dairy products. Healthy nutrition – the best assistant in weight loss.

13. Try to eat in the small portions, but it is frequent – not less than 5 times a day. Then the feeling of hunger won't disturb you, you won't want to eat all and at once at one go. Don't miss meals, especially the breakfast at all. Remember that if to perform only physical exercises, but at the same time to continue to eat fast carbohydrates and fast food, to sense will be very little – just muscles will begin to grow under fatty tissue.

14. Later few months of intensive trainings and healthy nutrition try "to be dried" a little. Within two weeks pass to proteinaceous food – chicken breasts, low-fat grades of fish, shrimp and other seafood. Exclude or as much as possible lower for this time even complex carbohydrates, sugar including consumption of fruit. With proteinaceous food surely use fresh vegetables and greens which will help to be acquired to protein in the organism. Thanks to it you will get rid of the fat layer around the waist, and your press will look relief.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team