As well as in what to ride the bicycle in the winter

As well as in what to ride the bicycle in the winter

The winter cycling becomes more popular recently. It is partly caused in the low-snow winters and developments of more perfect designs of bicycles. Most of the adherents of active holiday giving earlier preference to skis changed on the bicycle today and derive bigger pleasure from winter driving. Guarantee of successful run – correctly picked up equipment of the bicycle and appropriate equipment of the cyclist.

It is required to you

  • - Spiked bicycle tires;
  • - winter oil for shock-absorbers;
  • - liquid lubricant;
  • - automobile shampoo;
  • - underwear from polyester;
  • - helmet;
  • - cycle shoes;
  • - ski boot covers.


1. The specifics of winter driving by bicycle are available: snowdrifts, the frost, wind, snowfalls salted roads. It is important to consider all this, equipping the bicycle and looking after it after walks. For winter driving the two-wheeled transport can be equipped shipovanuymi or tires, ordinary with the deep protector. It depends on the area chosen for driving, style of driving and your own preferences.

2. Whenever possible as much as possible extend the wing that it covered the carriage. Carefully grease all mechanisms. For lubricant of ropes of switches and chains use liquid lubricant to improve their functionality on the frost. In oil shock-absorbers replace oil with winter, in pneumatic – pump up air.

3. Remember that it is impossible to wash the bicycle just before the trip. Water, getting in mechanisms, will freeze and will put them out of action. After the trip clean the bicycle from snow. If you made walk in the woods, just wipe it with the dry rag. After driving on the city wash up the bike automobile shampoo. Then grease all knots that lubricant forced out all water.

4. Put on for winter walk by "layers". Underwear has to be made of polypropylene or polyester. It will pass moisture, remaining at the same time dry. It is undesirable to put on cotton linen as it absorbs moisture and can cause overcooling of the organism.

5. The following layer – the trousers and the sweatshirt from Polartec or fleece which are perfectly keeping heat and removing outside moisture. From above put on slightly warmed windbreakers and trousers from the breathing material. Put on gloves hands, and from above mittens, so fingers will freeze less.

6. It is better to put on cycle shoes the half-woolen sock, and from above cycle shoes – the woolen sock from dog or goat wool and ski boot covers. The mask balaclavas with ski goggles will be suitable for protection against cold of the head and the face and we send.

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