As will learn to do a diamond pose in yoga

As will learn to do a diamond pose in yoga

In yoga there is a set of asanas or poses, exercises. Some of them are given even to beginners from the first. And the corresponding physical training and experience is necessary for performance of others.

In article we will consider technology of performance of a pose of Diamond, or Vadzhrasana.

The involved muscles and joints

Vadzhrasana treats simple poses. As execution it is ranked as sedentary asanas; as influence — to relaxation; on tasks — to the therapeutic, possessing concrete psycho-physiotherapeutic impact on an organism, and at the same time to meditative.

It is one of the few poses which can be practiced directly after consumption of food. When performing a pose of Diamond, muscles of shins, backs, a humeral belt, ankle and knee joints are loaded.

Whether you know? Asanas it is for the first time mentioned in Yoga-sutre where they were meant as poses for meditations. Other value — exercise, a part of corporal practice which becomes for the purpose of impact on health, the concept asana got already in the Middle Ages.

In what advantage of an asana for an organism

As well as any other asana in yoga, Vadzhrasana becomes with the established purpose and makes a certain impact on an organism:

  • improvement of bodies of a small pelvis;
  • recovery of work of joints of legs;
  • establishing digestion;
  • prevention and simplification of a state at an ulcer and the increased acidity of a stomach;
  • strengthening of muscles of a basin and lower extremities;
  • prevention of a varicosity;
  • prevention of formation of hernia;
  • simplification of a rodorazresheniye;
  • calm of nervous system;
  • improvement of a dream;
  • activization of blood circulation in pelvic area;
  • giving of cheerfulness and forces to an organism;
  • correction of a bearing;
  • reduction of volumes of hips;
  • disposal of locks;
  • strengthening of a bladder and uterus;
  • improvement of the general state of health.


The pose of Diamond has concrete restrictions and contraindications. It cannot be done:

  • to pregnant women in the 3rd trimester;
  • to the people having the diagnosis varicosity;
  • to the persons which were recently injuring a knee or a shin, stretched sheaves;
  • that who has diseases of the lower department of a backbone;
  • patient with the cold which is followed by heat (temporarily).

With care the asana should be carried out to the people who in the past got injured on knees and anklebones and also who are testing spasms in the lower extremities, having thromboses, hernia, an ulcer. At feeling of pain the performance of the movement should be stopped.

Preparatory poses

Preparatory asanas for a pose of Diamond are:

  • Mardzhariasana;
  • Adho Mukh Shvanasan.

Let's consider the scheme of performance of each of them.

Learn what is asanas in yoga and how to begin to practice house yoga.

Mardzhariasana, or the Stretching Cat:

  1. To go down on all fours with the divorced or cramped knees and stupnyam. Palms have to be placed on one line with knees.
  2. With an exhalation to curve a back, forming an arch.
  3. To pull in stomach muscles.
  4. To hang the head down.
  5. With a breath smoothly to straighten, and then to bend a back in a waist and to carry out raising of the head.
  6. To the maximum to fill lungs with air.
  7. With an exhalation to straighten a backbone and to hang the head.

Video: mardzhariasana (pose of a cat)

Adho Mukh Shvanasan, or Dog muzzle down:

  1. Initial position — being on all fours. And a foot to put palms, knees at the level of width of shoulders. To direct fingers forward.
  2. Exhaling, to make a waist deflection, a push from a floor hands, assignment of buttocks back and up.
  3. Straighten hands. The upper extremities, a neck and a back have to be leveled to one line.
  4. Straighten legs. At the same time the emphasis has to be on a full foot.
  5. Duration of stay in a pose — 60 seconds.

Video: adho mukha of a shvanasan (dog muzzle down)

Whether you know? Vadzhrasan's asana is unique as it is used by adherents of all main world religions: Christians, Muslims, Islamists, Buddhists and Hindus.

Correct equipment and breath

Do to Vadzhrasan in two ways.

Way 1:

  1. To kneel.
  2. Foot to move up to one another, to cramp heels.
  3. To sit down buttocks on heels.
  4. To put hands on knees palms down.
  5. To take away shoulders back and down.
  6. To stay in a pose of 1 — 20 minutes.

Way 2:

  1. To kneel.
  2. Foot to move up to each other, to part heels in the parties.
  3. To sit down buttocks between them (it is possible on the enclosed block for yoga or the roller).
  4. To put hands on hips palms down.

It is necessary to breathe when performing an asana freely, a full breast. It is necessary to try to take a breath twice longer, than exhaled.

Video: diamond pose

Exit from an asana begins with removal of hands from knees and transferring of an emphasis on them about a rug. Further it is necessary to raise knees, to rest toes against a carpet and to transfer to them body weight. After that skilled yogina can pass into the subsequent asanas, and beginners — to straighten legs, to do self-massage and rise.

It is important! If during performance of an asana flowed extremities, it is allowed to leave, straighten from it them, to shake stupnyam, to have a rest, relax, and then to continue.

Subtleties and secrets of performance

That the asana had desirable effect on an organism, it is necessary to listen to the following recommendations:

  1. To practice a pose three times a day 10 — 20 minutes.
  2. Before performance it is useful to make a razminaniye a foot and shins.
  3. In a pose the back has to be straightened, but not bent, the breast is straightened, but not stuck out forward.
  4. It will be first heavy to beginners to sit out on heels therefore under buttocks it is possible to place the curtailed plaid or the roller. Gradually thickness of a substrate will need to be reduced.
  5. Also for convenience when sitting the plaid can be placed under knees.
  6. It is better to enter a pose not on a floor, and on a special mat or a blanket from wool.
  7. If the person has problems with falling asleep, then the pose needs to be done before going to bed. If experiences difficulties with digestion of food, then it needs to be done after a meal, carrying out at the same time an exhalation through the right nostril.
  8. To enter meditation, it is necessary to focus on breath.
  9. When developing pains in hips it is possible to move apart knees slightly.
  10. Time of stay in a pose needs to be increased gradually, since 1st minute and reaching 20.

So, the Diamond pose — the simple asana suitable for daily practice. At the correct performance has the powerful revitalizing and calming effect.

Important! In the presence of a serious disease of internals, the musculoskeletal device, injuries before occupations of yoga it is necessary to consult with the attending physician who will paint what asanas can be done what are not present.

Is suitable for performance by beginners. For them the simplified option is recommended.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team