As will learn to do the Chair pose in yoga

As will learn to do the Chair pose in yoga

The Chair pose, or Utkatasana in yoga is used quite often. It treats general exercises of kundalini-yoga and helps a body not only to relax, but also to bring muscles of many zones into an optimum tone. Among yogis it is considered an asana of average complexity, however rather often it leads to serious stretchings. Let's deal in more detail with all subtleties of performance of a pose of the Chair and also we will find out its leading role for our organism.

Biomechanics of joints and muscle work

Utkatasana in yogichesky practice treats so-called poses of tension. Its main task is to raise the saved-up energy in the lower part of a backbone and to distribute it on all body. It is reached thanks to involvement in work of muscles which indirectly and is directly capable to influence an organism in general.

During performance of this asana at yogis the following movements of bones and joints are often observed:

  • extension and bending of knees, elbows, coxofemoral and humeral joints;
  • turn of a forearm outside;
  • bending of ankles in the back direction;
  • backbone stretching.

Most noticeably the asana influences muscle tissue, after fixing of a body in the adopted provision the complex impact practically on all groups of muscles is observed. The stretching effect is noticed mainly on diamond-shaped, kambalovidny, buttock and broadest muscles.

Whether you know? It is known that the yoga traces the roots back to India, but certificates that this practice was independently developed also in Latin America by about 5 thousand years ago were found recently.

At the same time there is also a complex reduction of the following muscles:

  • deltoid;
  • trapezoid;
  • gear;
  • nadostny;
  • bicepses;
  • tricepses;
  • instep supports;
  • razgibatel and sgibatel of fingers;
  • press and waists;
  • cross and awned;
  • interspinal;
  • tibial;
  • four-head;
  • giving hips.

Than it is useful to a human body

Chair pose — one of the most effective in yoga. At periodic performance she is capable:

  • to strengthen a back and a backbone;
  • to develop muscles of anklebones, hips, shins, a backbone and hands;
  • to eliminate small curvatures of the lower extremities;
  • to give to elasticity to shoulders and a thorax;
  • to facilitate the course of flat-footedness and arthritises;
  • to reduce a pain syndrome at sciatica;
  • to restore flexibility of a body;
  • to stimulate action of the heart, diaphragms and also abdominal organs;
  • to improve breath;
  • to develop balance of a body and stability;
  • to burn fat deposits on buttocks and hips.

Contraindications and restrictions

Despite huge advantage for human health, this exercise has quite impressive list of contraindications.

It is important! If you have any chronic disease of the musculoskeletal device, before Utkatasana's use it is necessary to consult with the orthopedist. Otherwise there is a high probability to aggravate the general condition of an organism.

First of all, to refuse a pose of the Chair or sharply it is necessary to limit its performance at:

  • headaches in a sharp or chronic form;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • to insomnia;
  • injuries and pathologies of muscles, ligaments and joints;
  • fractures of extremities;
  • varicosity.

As it is correct to do: technology

Most often does not call the technician of performance Utkatasana in skilled yogis of any difficulties as provides good physical training. But, despite this, many fans of yogichesky practice make serious mistakes when performing an asana. As a result the aspiration to improvement of own organism often comes to an end with serious injuries.

Learn as it is correct to do a pose of a raven, pigeon, cobra and frog in yoga.

Main stages of safe performance of a pose of the Chair:

  1. Become straight in vertical position, the stomach has to last up, and the neck and a backbone to adopt the natural provision.
  2. Close side parts of feet among themselves, and press hands to a body. At the same time body weight has to be distributed evenly on both extremities.
  3. Bend legs in a knee joint and lower buttocks.
  4. Lower a tailbone down, and raise a pubic bone up. If you made everything correctly, the lower department of a backbone has to become straight.
  5. Raise hands over the head and record them in parallel one another.
  6. Lower buttocks slightly above knees and record a pose for 1 minute.
  7. Return to initial situation and repeat exercise.

Video: an utkatasana - a chair pose

Other variations

It is known that exercises in yoga remain are invariable throughout many centuries. This practice excludes modifications of the exercises which settled and checked by time, but modern yogas managed to make changes to many asanas including in the Chair pose competently. Among them two variations are the most popular: facilitated and complicated.

Important! Breath when performing a pose of a chair surely has to be equal, without breakthroughs and sharp sighs.

Facilitated the technician of performance Utkatasana:

  1. Become to a wall at distance in 10 — 15 cm.
  2. Become straight: the stomach has to last up, and the neck and a backbone to be leveled. Legs should be closed.
  3. Slightly bend knees and lower a waist.
  4. Raise hands over the head, in parallel to each other, and lower buttocks down.
  5. After the tailbone touches a wall, record a body in the reached situation for 1 minute and return to an initial pose.
  6. Repeat exercise again.

Technology of performance of the complicated Utkatasana for skilled yogis:

  1. Become straight, extend a stomach up, and level a neck and a backbone.
  2. Close side parts of feet among themselves, and press hands to a body.
  3. Transfer body weight evenly to both extremities.
  4. Bend knees, and lower buttocks.
  5. Lower a tailbone down, and raise a pubic bone up.
  6. Raise hands over the head, in parallel each other.
  7. Lower buttocks slightly above knees and become on socks.
  8. Without lowering a heel, record a pose for 1 minute.
  9. Return to initial situation and repeat exercise.

The Chair pose in yoga is not so popular as the advertized Lotus pose, but, despite this, each adherent of yogichesky practice needs to carry out it. It gives the chance to involve the most part of muscles of a body that renders therapeutic effect on many illnesses of the musculoskeletal device.

Whether you know? In 2016 the yoga was entered by the international organization UNESCO in the list of the most important cultural properties of mankind.

However Utkatasan should carry out with care, otherwise there is a high probability not only to aggravate the course of chronic diseases, but also to cause serious injuries of extremities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team