Assignment of a leg on the lower block back and sideways: correct equipment, useful tips

Assignment of a leg on the lower block back and sideways: correct equipment, useful tips

Difficult task: to achieve harmonious legs with the tightened muscles. The most difficult zone for study — the internal surface of a hip. It is possible to bring muscles into a tone by means of trainings on the crossover, carrying out swing movements back and sideways.

The main involved muscles at assignment of legs

Movements back and in the parties on the exercise machine involve the surface of hips and buttocks. Carrying out simple swing exercises, study sciatic area, muscular group which is usually loaded minimum:

  1. Big gluteus — strongest in an organism, actually buttocks. Provides vertical position of a body when walking. And in motionless situation fixes a hip.
  2. Average buttock contains front and back bunches, provides assignment of a hip inside and outside. Has the triangle form, treats to external pelvic group.
  3. Small buttock is similar the building with average, but is thinner. Function — assignment of a hip aside. At an emphasis on one extremity inclines a basin in the necessary direction.
  4. Two-headed (biceps) the movement of a shin outside carries out, power balance of knees, speed of the movement.
  5. Semi-tendinous — the muscle unbending a trunk from situation having bent. Becomes more active at jumps, extension of coxofemoral joints.
  6. The semi-webby muscle helps to bend and unbend a hip.

Advantages of performance of exercise in the crossover

Occupations on the crossover are available even to the beginning athletes. Simplicity of trainings, a possibility of the differentiated approach to loadings — the beginning of the list of advantages of this exercise machine:

  • convenience and safety of operation;
  • the uniform isolated load of the chosen group of muscles;
  • multifunctionality: it is possible to train various zones;
  • fast reorganization of the mode.

Whether you know? The muscle memory — communication between the right hemisphere of a brain and muscles — gives the chance to return to fitness classes through time without severe stress for an organism.

Variations: technology of performance

Performance of moves back and sideways well loads sciatic group. The isolated situation helps to pump over buttocks and an internal zone of hips, bringing them into the maximum tone.

Assignment of a leg back

For performance of exercise choose one of two options: standing or resting on hands and knees. From a standing position:

  1. To turn facing a crossover strut.
  2. In the bottom of a design to fix the fixing cuff. To pass a foot throughout a cuff.
  3. To fix a case position, having undertaken an exercise machine support. Basin — exactly over foot of a supporting leg.
  4. To slightly bend a knee of a working extremity, to carry out a move strictly back, without turn.
  5. To record foot in the highest point, to return on initial. To hold a back exactly.

It is possible to regulate a move corner, bending forward. The more an inclination, the amplitude of the swing movement is wider.

Important! During the training in 15–20 minutes it is necessary to drink 40–50 g of water. It will help to avoid dehydration.


When performing exercise the average muscle as much as possible works. For moves it is necessary to turn the right side to a training support to the left, to record a working (left) leg a cuff, to bend a trunk a little in lumbar area, slightly to bend a swing leg:

  1. On the maximum wave to get a working extremity for basic. In the top point to detain for several seconds.
  2. To smoothly lower a leg down.

For the right leg repeat the same movements, having turned to the exercise machine the left side. Loading is increased gradually, since 10–15 repetitions.

It is important! If to enclose pancake from a bar under a basic foot, then it is possible to level a swing leg as much as possible.

On all fours

Serial assignment of legs can be carried out, having become on hands and knees:

  1. To record a cable on a jog extremity a cuff or the handle.
  2. To sit down facing a rack, to smoothly reconstruct a trunk in a standing position on all fours. Under a persistent knee — a rug, a towel, a steady bench.
  3. To raise a swing leg as much as possible up back. To detain in the top point. To lower on initial.

Moves carry out aside, having reached side position on all fours in relation to a crossover support. In the top point of amplitude delay the movement for 2–3 seconds. Smoothly return to an initial position.

Whether you know? A sartorial muscle in front group of a hip — the longest in a human body.

Secrets and subtleties of performance

The tone of sciatic area, the internal plane of the lower part of a trunk can be reached if to load muscles which in usual time are a little involved. Several cunnings will help to carry out exercises correctly:

  1. Doing moves aside sitting, on full load a big gluteus, and the result will be visible quicker.
  2. During the movement watch closely that the extremity was strained (but moderately!).
  3. Exhalation — on a move, a breath — on the return movement. It will help to avoid lag effect of exercise.
  4. Control of a deflection of a waist will enhance effect of exercise and at the same time will train a back.

Learn in more detail about exercises on the crossover for a breast, a back, shoulders, hands, legs and buttocks.

Competent approach to trainings on the crossover will help to lose weight, make lifting of muscles of the lower extremities, to bring it into a tone, and, above all — to improve the general health and mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team