Beefy bottom: complex of effective exercises

Beefy bottom: complex of effective exercises

To pump up really beautiful and elastic bottom isn't such heavy occupation. It is only important to choose the correct set of exercises which will help to reach the maximum effect.

To have the rolled bottom, exercises, the extension and cosmetic care for skin of buttocks are necessary. Only at the combination of these three components it is possible to receive desirable result. Exercises will train muscles, and the extension and cosmetics will help to keep their tone.

Complex of effective exercises

The first and most effective exercise are squats. They can be carried out as with sports equipment of type of weights, posts, the ball, and without them.

Superficial squats will be suitable for the warming up of muscles. It is important that the back was equal, and heels didn't come off the floor. Make 3 approaches on 15 times everyone. Gradually place legs more widely and you sit down more deeply.

The following exercise – walking on the spot. Lay down on the back and extend hands along the body. Bend legs in knees at right angle and lean stupnyam against the wall. Then make several steps up and several down. Not to tear off the buttock from the floor – the most important condition. If not to watch it, no result from this exercise will follow. It is necessary to execute 15 steps in both directions. Then sit down on the chair and put the ball between knees. Gradually begin to squeeze it within 30 seconds. Having reached the maximum tension – be recorded for several moments and have a rest. Repeat action of 15 times. Besides buttocks, at you internal muscles of the hip will shake. Sit down on the floor. Remove hands back and lean on them. Then begin to move, having involved at the same time only buttocks. You watch that. that legs weren't bent in the knee joint. Begin since five minutes of such movement, gradually increasing performance time. This exercise also directionally on strengthening of internal muscles of the hip and buttocks. The chair is necessary for the following action. Lean on its back and begin serially will make leg swings, trying to lift them as it is possible above. After that make the same swings, but already in the parties. It will allow to pump up not only buttocks, but also to reduce the volume of legs.

Extension and leaving

To receive the elastic and beautiful bottom, not enough exercises alone. The extension and cosmetics are necessary. As the last I exist the set of special srubs and creams. With one of them, anti-cellulite, it is possible to do massage that not only will save you from "orange-peel", but also will relax tight muscles. Besides, it is impossible to forget also about healthy nutrition. Refuse junk food, try to exclude flour products, fat dishes and sweet from the diet. Otherwise, all spent efforts can be futile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team